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"From the crotch-in-your face gonzo approach of Bob Coulter to the pin-up fetish girls of Eric Kroll, it contains an amazing variety of loin-stirring work... amid the pages and pages lithe limbs, luscious lips and bouncing breasts, there’s sure to be something that pushes your buttons – whether you’re inspired to pick a camera and start shooting a load of images, or simply shoot a load."— Bizarre, London, United Kingdom
"Yes, there’s nips, yes there’s nudity and all the bits, but (and this is just the point), there’s no but. There’s no need to justify having a book like this. Not only are some of the world’s best photographers in there showing off their work, but they each get interviewed on their reasons for their choice of shots. So instead of it being a classy way of having nudey people in your living room, it becomes an insight into how each photographer plans for, sets up and carries out their work."—, Ireland
"This edition’s selection strikes me as more powerful than the first volume, the images more varied, and particularly worthy of the TASCHEN treatment. A brief browse through the book and you’re sure to find plenty of Images worth a second look. If not, then you had better check your pulse."—, Los Angeles, United States
"Languido, scultoreo, osceno, onirico, per l'occhio del fotografo il corpo femminile può essere tante cose, lampi, desideri. Il bel volume TASCHEN New Erotic Photography 2 (424 pagine, 400 immagini, €39,99) asseconda tutte le sfumature della nudità, non solo grigio-rosso-nere, nell'anno dell'erotismo per mamme sdoganato dalla James, anche se gli autori per ironica casualità sono giustappunto 50. È una magnifica galleria di ciò che è la fotografia erotica - il soggetto più immarcescibile, dunque difficile, fin da quando i nitrati d'argento fissarono immagini - mente la società erotizzante ha erotizzato tutto, rendendolo antierotico."— Tuttolibri - La Stampa, Torino, Italy
«A editora TASCHEN abriu as portas a todo un mundo que ainda estava por descubrir. Falamos específicamente do mundo erótico, que tao bem recebido e que tao bem nos tem encaminados. The New Erotic Photography Vol. 2 reúne 82 fotógrafos oriundos de 14 países diferentes entre os quais se encontramos conceituadíssimos Ralph Gibson, Natacha Merrit, Jan Saudek e Eric Kroll... Esta é uma obra que nao irá passar desapercibidaa quem gosta de uniao entre arte e mulher. Como sabe, nos a Penthouse, adoramos e sabemos que vôçé partilha da nossa opiniao.»— Penthouse, Lisbon, Portugal
"The second volume (the first was published in 2007) by highly regarded art-book publisher TASCHEN features an international cast of photographers—including Eric Bonzi, Cyril Torrent, Jo Schwab, Yossi Loloi, Tomohide Ikeya, Frederic Fontenoy, Andrew Pashis, Ján Hronsky, and Chase Lisbon—and some compelling women subjects, including erotic film star Kimberly Kane, Colombian expat Alejandra Guerrero, skateboarder and heavy-metal rocker Magdalena Wosinska, self-portraitist Erica Simone, and Liz Earls. Digital is de rigueur, but a number of photographers experiment with film and toy cameras like the Lomo and Holga to achieve some startling effects. Need I say that this volume oozes lots of sex appeal?"— The Daily Beast, New York, United States
"The ultimate collection of contemporary erotica from 50 of the world’s hottest photographers, edited by TASCHEN’s queen of sexy volumes, Dian Hanson."—, London, United Kingdom
"La fotografia è più comunicazione che tecnica. Le macchine odierne sono così tecnicamente perfette che devi solo premere il pulsante, ma l'arte, il segreto di avere una buona foto sta nell'abilità di empatizzare con la persona che stai fotografando": questo il consiglio di Michael Dowson, uno dei 50 autori scelti per questo secondo volume che raccoglie il meglio della nuova fotografia erotica. Donne, corpi e tutto l'armamentario classico, ma a guardare meglio anche un saggio alla Quenau: come un Esercizi di stile le stesse donne (ideali, immaginarie, vere) si adattano e si trasformano a seconda dello sguardo e dello stile."— XL - La Repubblica, Roma, Italy
"This is the second edition of The New Erotic Photography from TASCHEN and Dian Hanson, and as always – if you are familiar with anything Taschen – you know what to expect. Which is high quality. TASCHEN does something not many can do, and that is take sleaze, smut, low-brow entertainment and presents it in such a way you can’t help but think you are viewing fine art, and you are... The variation in the book is also it’s strength, you’re not getting an overload of Playboy’esque glamour shoots – which can get boring very quickly. Nor are there an abundance of the grime you would associate with Hustler – which can get icky just as quick. You don’t get the same flavor twice in a row when browsing through the pages, with each flip there is something new, something fresh. The New Erotic Photography Vol. 2 is beautiful, it’s almost majestic. You look at it laying there in all its glory and let out a deep ‘sigh’ and this is before you even open it... Whether you’re into the skin, the art or a photo obsessive, The New Erotic Photography Vol. 2 fulfills your desires as a reader, collector, artist and voyeur. Dian Hanson and TASCHEN has done an amazing job once again collecting a classy, tasteful, beautiful and yet still a sexy as hell kittens testimony, of today’s most interesting photographers around the world who dabble in the exposure of flesh. You want this book? No, you need this book."— Whack! Magazine, Denmark
“We never tire of looking at beautiful women. Lucky for us photographers never stop finding exciting new ways to capture their images. New Erotic Photography 2 collects 50 of today’s most intriguing sexy shooters, from the sensual art of Switzerland’s Cyril Torrent to the raw power of the Czech Republic’s Jan Hronsky, as well as photographers in Japan, Spain, Russia, and elsewhere. Women photographers make the most exciting contributions in this volume, particularly the porn-star-at-rest work of adult actress Kimberly Kane and the California vibes of Los Angeles photographer Magdalena Wosinska. One eye-catcher: Celebrated low-brow artist Coop makes his debut with curvaceous models. Credit Editor Dian Hanson for curating a mix of styles ranging from elaborate to stripped down to simply stripped. We appreciate them all.”— Playboy Magazine, Los Angeles, United States
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The New Erotic Photography Vol. 2

The New Erotic Photography Vol. 2

Dian Hanson
Hardcover, 8.9 x 12.5 in., 424 pages
$ 59.99
Multilingual Edition: English, French, German
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