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“Sales were brisk (at The Big Book Of Pussy launch), and all were happy to have their copies autographed by some of their favorite "pussonalities."—, Los Angeles, United States
"Après les seins, le pénis, les jambes et les fesses, Dian Hanson s’intéresse à «l’origine du monde» dans cet ultime volume de la série consacrée aux parties du corps. Au menu, une multitude de photographies, de 1900 à aujourd’hui, et des chapitres sur les dimensions historiques et symboliques de l’abricot fendu, nous rappelant que de la Nouvelle Guinée à l’Irlande médiévale, le sexe féminin fut adoré ou craint. Pour tous les amis des minous!"— Union, Paris, France
"C’est aussi sublime que dérangeant. A ne pas mettre, évidemment, entre toutes les mains."— VSD, Paris, France
“One of TASCHEN’s most fun and edgy new books is The Big Book of Pussy, the final chapter of their body part series which includes The Big Book of Legs, Big Book of Breasts, Big Butt Book and Big Penis Book. I know what you’re thinking, and yes, these are some provocative books, but no other coffee table book will have your guests more enthralled. I might just have to pick up a copy for my table, maybe put it right next to my copy of Origin of Man. This a history of the orifice, with a pictorial history companion destined to be kept out of sight from the young ones. Featuring interviews with such odd cats (pussy reference) as the Fleshlight inventor, vaginal performance artists and photographers, you’ve never read anything like it. Sign me up. At an affordable $60, this is a great gift for your curious cousin, perverted uncle, or anyone with a sense of history matched with a bold sense of humor.”—
„So hätte der Feminismus der Sechziger wohl schon sein sollen, dann hätte er vielleicht mehr erreicht. Aber es gab sie ja auch schon damals: Valie Export, die österreichische Künstlerin, die mit einer Kalaschnikow und an jener ganz bestimmten Stelle durchlöcherten Jeans vor den Kameras posierte oder Valerie Solanas, die kurzfristig ein Attentat auf Andy Warhol realisierte. …Ganz so radikal ist Dian Hansons Buch vielleicht nicht, aber ein Schritt in dieselbe Richtung, nämlich zur Emanzipation der Frau von patriarchalen Vorgaben und Definitionen von Schönheit.“—, Berlin, Germany
„Katze aus dem Sack! Wer die anderen Werke der Big Book-Reihe von Dian Hanson kennt, sollte sich vorstellen können, was ihm in The Big Book of Pussy blüht.“— Motor Maniacs, Mannheim, Germany
“It's a pink and meaty volume of almost 400 pages devoted to the finer points of this unnecessarily mystifying aspect of the feminine, heavy enough to send gangsters to the bottom of the sea were it chained to their nethers…Sprinkled in amongst the 111 years of images of women nude as the news, and just as pleasantly delivered, are interviews with those special women whose pussies are somewhat more notorious than average… Sensationalism and the specter of leering journalism aside, it's an exceptionally well-written and insightful book, shot through with Hanson's decades of experience with the public image of the pussy. Simultaneously wise and mischievous, she's a cultural touchstone when it comes to the presentation of body image, a time capsule of how we lately perceive this aspect of the female body.”— LA Weekly, Los Angeles, United States
“Somos unos grandes forofos de esta serie. Primero fue The Big Book of Breasts, después The Big Penis Book, The Big Book of Legs y el voluminoso Big Butt Book. ¿Qué podía venir a continuación sino una exploración en profundidad de la parte pudenda femenina, ese codiciado orificio del que el hombre se pasa nueve meses tratando de salir y toda una vida intentando volver a entrar? The Big Book of Pussy cierra la exitosa serie con una propuesta tan controvertida como popular.”— Good2be, Barcelona, Spain
"Similarly, what stands out from The Big Book of Pussy’s '1980-1989' section is how utterly hygienic everything looks. That’s not a complaint: What good is the sexual imagination without variety? But it’s also paradoxical, because these pussies — a good many of them bare — are groomed, immaculately, and in a few cases specially lit, in a way the overhead sunlight in many of the book’s earlier images, in which some of the V-bends and the like are exuberant, yes, but awkward too. When it isn’t, though, wow. In addition to Del Rio, Hanson also talks to Buck Angel, 'The Man with a Pussy', and a 'vaginal performance artist' from England named Mouse, among others. She gets serious props for quoting the lyrics of 'I Eat the Pussy' by New Boyz, one of the biggest groups in the 'jerkin’ rap' category, at the top of the '2000-2011' section. Jerkin’, by the way, is named for a dance style, not masturbation, though it might be, considering that it’s the most cunnilingually-minded music of the last few years. Too bad she didn’t go for Clothes Off Movement’s 'Better Than You', which basically sums up the whole book: 'Hey, daddy, the pussy’s magic / Got you tongue-tied like Roger Rabbit.'"— Los Angeles Review of Books, Los Angeles, United States
"The perfect complement to the rest of the TASCHEN anatomy books, The Big Book of Pussy can be a great gift for the fancier of females, or yourself."—, Los Angeles, United States
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The Big Book of Pussy

The Big Book of Pussy

Dian Hanson
Hardcover, 11.8 x 11.8 in., 372 pages
$ 59.99

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John Waters

"The Big Book of Pussy is the most shocking and beautiful and scary TASCHEN book ever published. Putting it out on your coffee table will demand a startled reaction from even your most blasé visitor."
Illustration by Robert Nippoldt
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