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"…Best of all, a big butt is just plain good fun. There’s a perennial saucy Carry On comedy to a really round ass, and a flick through TASCHEN’s gloriously beautiful Big Butt Book reminds you that big bums rock because they’re defiant, too."— Sunday Times Style, London, United Kingdom
"Start by saying Big Butt Book quickly as many times as possible in succession. If you can master it at least 10 times without stumbling, you are worthy to buy this huge book about bottoms. And the coolest part is that you can have it lying on the living room table. The images are by the world's finest photographers; making it an art book."— MSN, Denmark, Denmark
«Rondelets ou fermes, sages ou obscènes, avec ou sans culottes, les popotins de toutes tailles sont dans ce 'gros livre des fesses'. Après celui (fameux!) des pénis, puis celui des seins, TASCHEN boucle sa trilogie polissonne sur son postérieur. Pour se rincer l'œil ou pour disserter, entre les huîtres et la bûche, de l'évolution des séants féminins au fil du siècle.»— 24 Heures, Lausanne, Switzerland
"It is what it is. Hilarious."— Author Jonathan Adler's Top 10 Gifts for Bookworm segment on The Today Show,, United States
"It should come as no surprise that we're big fans of the female anatomy, which explains our love for The Big Books. Compiled by TASCHEN editor Dian Hanson, The Big Butt Book and The Big Book of Legs focus on two of our favorite parts, with the former containing over 400 prime examples dating as far back as 1900, the latter pictorially examining the female leg's former taboo status and the social change its slow reveal brought about, each accompanied by interesting trivia and interviews. The ultimate coffee table set for your man room."—, United States
"From the earliest burlesque shows to pornography's golden age, TASCHEN's Sexy Books pay homage to the cosmic perfection of our anatomy. Overflowing with Freudian implications and interviews with erotic artists like Robert Crumb and Tinto Brass, these hardbacks stand as testament that nature knows best."— Men's Journal, New York, United States
"The Big Butt Book ist für jeden Liebhaber erotischer Fotografie ein Muss."—, München, Germany
"In The Big Butt Book, einer Hommage an den Allerwertesten der Frau, kehrt Dian Hanson die Rückseite nach vorn und stellt sie prominent in den Mittelpunkt ... Der Band enthält über 400 Fotos von 1900 bis heute mit Werken renommierter Fotografen, die zahlreiche Stars um die Körpermitte unverhüllt zeigen."— Börse am Sonntag, Nürnberg, Germany
"Dian Hanson legt mit diesem Textbildband ein grandioses Werk für das menschliche Gefühl vor."— Pfiff, Hamburg, Germany
"Die Übersetzungen aus dem amerikanischen Englisch sind ausgezeichnet. ... Die oft von Angst und Scham besetzte Thematik wird durch Scherz, Satire, Humor, Ironie u.ä. heiter, effektvoll dargeboten."—, Berlin, Germany
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The Big Butt Book

The Big Butt Book

Dian Hanson
Hardcover, 11.8 x 11.8 in., 372 pages
$ 59.99

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The Big Butt Book
Big Bouncy Butts. Dian Hanson about 'The Big Butt Book'. June 2010