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"Elephant men. "Les cheveux longs, ça passe de mode, mais les grosses bites, jamais", explique, dans une citation admirable de réalisme, l'auteur de The Big Penis Book. A l'exercice, au repos, caressés par leur maître, tenus par une main amie ou posés sur un coin de table: ces sexes de taille mémorable incarnent le fantasme millénaire de la grande trompe."— Les Inrockuptibles, Paris, France
"Une fois de plus, TASCHEN joue la carte de la provocation...avec succès!"— Tendances, Lyon, France
"I've had The Big Penis Book on my desk for a week now and still haven't read a word of it. Neither will anyone else. TASCHEN shouldn't have bothered including the dozen or so write-ups about the Johns Holmes and James Bidgoods of the world (real-life Dirk Digglers), or the photo studios that, over the past few decades, have specialized in shooting giant schlongs. When I accidentally skimmed a page of text, I realized that every paragraph is printed once in English and again in both German and French. Too bad I didn't use that trick when trying to reach my 120-page thesis quota. Anyway, back to what makes this book a priceless treasure for any woman heading to a bachelorette bash, coming-out party, or horny grandma's birthday: 396 pictures-most of them huge and in full-color-of wieners, wangs, willies, johnsons, units, rods, packages, peters, poles, dicks, and donks. And every one of them ranging from merely huge to shockingly ginormous.
From the moment I removed the sheer plastic dust jacket (and with it the tightie whities that enable book stores to display the cover without incurring indecency charges), I was surprised by the range of emotions that, er, throbbed through me. I felt alternately curious, amused, awed, disgusted, and-when a penis belonged to a gorgeous guy that gave off a distinctly hetero vibe-lusty as hell. Penises, it turns out, are fascinating. As positive an experience as browsing The Big Penis Book turned out to be, the real value here is still the shock value. So swathe it in some Garfield wrapping paper and add it to the bride-to-be's pile of presents. You'll know it's been opened when the room fills with high-pitched squeals."
— Women's Health Magazine, New York, United States
"Les outils de plus de 20 cm continuent de fasciner d’autant plus qu’ils sont le privilège d’à peine 2% de la population mondiale. Dans ce pendant masculin du Big Book of Breasts sont passés en revue des siècles de fascination exercée autant sur les hommes que sur les femmes par le phallus hors normes. Ce volume, de taille lui aussi, est généreusement illustré de plus de 400 photographies d’attributs masculins spectaculaires, avec notamment de rares photos du légendaire John Holmes."— Couples, Paris, France
"Romain Titeux (…) s’est penché sur les défis anatomiques génitaux masculins répertoriés dans l’ouvrage Big Penis aux éditions TASCHEN, des sexes démesurés au point d’apparaître comme une illusion optique."— Radio France Culture - Minuit Dix, France
“The fascination with the huge tool goes back as far as the crudely carved statuettes of antiquity, when they and the female variety with enormous mammaries were symbols of fertility – thereby creating an ideal that few of us have since been able to live up to. Those ancestors have got a lot to answer for.”— Desire, London, United Kingdom
“Illustrated with over four hundred photos of spectacular male endowments, this enormous compendium features a vast array of members attached to some finely chiselled specimens of man, alongside interviews and profiles on iconic artists…It’s sure to stir up the great size debate, as many of the enormous phalluses pressed between the pages of The Big Penis Book look like they’d be nothing short of painful. But whatever your stance, this is a great book for horny boys, slaves to the cock, medical students or bored housewives and will no doubt be treasured by all. Except for maybe the lesbians.”— Forum, London, United Kingdom
“Through a dizzying selection of essays and well-chosen photographs (fall vintages, although overwhelmingly of the 1970s handlebar-mustached variety), this handsome volume seeks to have the last word on our societal obsession with the giant dong. Whole sections are devoted to phallic heroes like John C. Holmes and the photographer Bob Mizer, who took pictures of a parade of naked studs against backdrops of artificial grapes and aqua lace in the basement of his childhood home, much to the disapproval of his doting mother. The mind occasionally wanders throughout this collection (‘Nice watch.’, ‘What did he get that trophy for?’ and ‘I love the Southwestern tile in that bathroom!’), there is an oddly innocent charm in the men's obvious pride in their gargantuan genitalia that leaves the viewer feeling warm, slightly damp and aglow with the simple joy of being human, (ADDED BONUS; A surprisingly large proportion of the members pictured here are circumcised.)”— Heeb Magazine, New York, United States
“Penises seem to be having a moment, thanks to full-frontal scenes in flicks like Sex and the City and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Still, when The Big Penis Book — editor Dian Hanson’s coffee table tome celebrating specimens measuring eight or more inches — arrived at the office, we at MT thought long and hard (sorry, couldn’t resist) about recommending it to readers. But after sizing it up (sorry again), we realized you can never have too much of a good thing. Sophomoric humor aside, Hanson’s book is actually informative (yes, there’s text). Besides exploring mankind’s preoccupation with prowess — from ancient phallic worship to enhancing codpieces in medieval times — Hanson chats with porn kings and other penis “experts,” like Jay Myrdal, the photographer who “created” 18-inch legend Long Dong Silver. For the record, Silver’s photos were doctored. But don’t fret: There are plenty of authentic ones to ogle. The 384 pages are practically bursting with pictures of well-endowed stars like 11-incher John Holmes, Falcon Studios favorite Chad Douglas and plenty of no-name everymen in whimsical poses — like one guy crouching over a mini cannon aimed at the same pitch as his erection. It all serves as a reminder: good things come in, well, big packages.”—, New York, United States
"A must have for any gay man's coffee table, The Big Penis Book is packed with over 400 photos of outstanding appendages, the majority of which are from the 1970s."— QX Men, London, United Kingdom
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The Big Penis Book

The Big Penis Book

Dian Hanson
Hardcover, 11.8 x 11.8 in., 384 pages
$ 59.99
Multilingual Edition: English, French, German
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The Big Penis Book
The fascinating phallus. Editor Dian Hanson on "The Big Penis Book". May 2008