The book that started Stanton-mania

"I draw better than most of your artists," Eric Stanton is supposed to have told Irving Klaw by way of introduction. Klaw, the entrepreneur famous for his photographs of Bettie Page, was always on the lookout for new talent and that meeting marked the start of a dazzling career for the man who now stands beside John Willie as one of the supreme masters of erotic and comic art. Stanton drew his first dozen comic stories for Klaw, who published them in installments, and from 1958 until 1966 shared a studio with Steve Ditko, the creator of Spider Man. Often Stanton did the drawings in ink and Ditko colored them in. Eric Stanton also made a name for himself as a book cover designer.
The editor:
Dian Hanson was born in Seattle in 1951. For 25 years she produced various men’s magazines, including Puritan, Juggs and Leg Show, before becoming TASCHEN’s sexy book editor in 2001. Her many books for TASCHEN include The New Erotic Photography Vol. 2 and Robert Crumb: Sketchbooks 1982-2011. She lives in Los Angeles.
Eric Stanton. The Dominant Wives and Other Stories (Klotz, TASCHEN 25 Edition)

Eric Stanton. The Dominant Wives and Other Stories

Dian Hanson
Softcover with flaps, 5.5 x 7.7 in., 576 pages
$ 14.99

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"¿Prefieres ser una chica mala? Toma nota de la novela ilustrada The Dominant Wives & Others Stories (TASCHEN) de Eric Stanton."
— Glamour, Madrid, Spain
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