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"Quaintance erfand sich auf faszinierende Weise immer wieder neu. ... Der neue Bildband von Reed Massengill und Dian Hanson zeichnet seine bemerkenswerte Lebensgeschichte nach und stellt seine lebensfrohen, kulturell so aussagekräftigen Bilder im XL-Format neu vor - Werke, die ihn zum beliebtesten und erfolgreichsten Künstler seines Fachs und zu einer der schillerndsten Figuren seiner Zeit machten!"— X-TRA, Wien, Austria
"Tentations. Les tableaux de Quaintance sont peuplés d'étalons latins, de cow-boys lascifs et d'ouvriers agricoles peu farouches. Son travail a inspiré Tom of Finland et Harry Bush."— Têtu, Paris, France
"Este maravilloso libro recopila las mejores ilustraciones de Quaintance, que murió en 1957, vivió y trabajó durante una época en que la homosexualidad era reprimida, en que sus gozosas pinturas y fotos de hombres musculosos no podían mostrar un pene. Con este regalo quedarás muy bien, garantizado."— Odisea, Madrid, Spain
"Sa biographie lui prête mille vies, toutes vouées à l'art, au spectacle vivant et au paraître. Quaintance, cet artiste méconnu, fut pourtant le véritable symbole de la renaissance d'une culture de l'érotisme masculin, mal à propos au début du XXème siècle... C'est un travail de recherche remarquable qu'a élaboré l'éditrice Dian Hanson dans ce superbe ouvrage, qui retrace avec intérêt les étapes de son art. Il comble un vide, les originaux restant dans un cercle de collectionneurs très avertis. On appréciera d'autant plus son caractère volumineux, comprenant des reproductions impressionnantes de qualité, sur un papier rétro presque émouvant."— LINK XTRA, Cannes, France
He was 'The Master Painter of the Male Physique', and the long-awaited book that pays tribute is tremendous, in size and importance. For many, it will be fondly embraced nostalgia. For some, it will be an eye opening first look at what came before the gay sexplosion. The erotic paintings of George Quaintance are campy, kitschy, culturally significant and quite beautiful. And they're all here."— Bay Area Reporter, San Francisco, United States
"Zuckrig glänzend sehen die Jungs aus der Bilderwelt des amerikanischen Künstlers George Quaintance aus. ... Jetzt ist ein opulenter Band erschienen, der die Luxuskörper in veritabler Luxusausführung vereint."— Du&Ich, Berlin, Germany
"Latin Lover, lüsterne Cowboys und kantige Stallburschen: Der Bildband portraitiert auf 168 Seiten das glamouröse und vielschichtige Leben des amerikanischen Künstlers aus Virginia und stellt seine erotischen und zugleich progressiven Bilder vor."— Bild.de, Berlin, Germany
"This large format, glorious book full of the most amazing images and artwork is a must for any serious gay man's coffee table... it's just brilliant."— Bent Magazine, London, United Kingdom
"Di George Quaintance è uscito in questi giorni un volume definitivo a cura di Dian Hanson e Reed Massengill, Quaintance edizioni TASCHEN... che racconta con dovizia di riproduzioni fotografiche (sono rappresentate tutte le sue opere, comprese le copertine di riviste) 'la vita stravagante e l'arte proibita' del pittore americano."— Sette - Il Corriere della Sera, Milano, Italy
"This sumptuous 168 page book is a full collection of all of the surviving work by George Quaintance. His paintings, drawing and sculptures were some of the most influential pieces in mid 20th century American arts... A pioneer of 'male physique' paintings. I defy any gay man to not recognise at least half a dozen of his pictures... His instantly recognisable style of semi nude men, with no genitals (other than outlined in tight jeans or through strategically placed diaphanous materials) is innocent yet seething with homoeroticism. The foreword and intro by Reed Massengill covers Quaintance's personal life in detail, including his very own 'airbrushed' look and style, and his lifelong attraction to Latino and Native American men... This huge book, (11.4 x 15.6) almost as big as some of the models packets, is another TASCHEN triumph, with high quality colour reproductions of all of Quaintance's work and commentary by Ken Furtado, along with superb close ups of the paintings and artwork. It's an ideal gift for the older gay man or anyone with an interest in the development of gay imagery, or just for yourself to perv over. The pictures look as fresh as the day they were painted and knowing the story of the artist's life, loves, passions and affairs makes it more fun to flick through. Acquaint yourself with Quaintance, you won't be disappointed."— Gscene Magazine, Brighton, United Kingdom
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Reed Massengill, Dian Hanson
Hardcover, 11.4 x 15.6 in., 168 pages
$ 99.99
Multilingual Edition: English, French, German
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