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I wish to thank you most warmly for the Big Book of Breasts which will find in my pantheon of books the place it deserves like many of the books published by Taschen.
This one, however, before I yet open it, is close to my heart and I am most touched that Benedikt sensitively remembered the everlasting object of my geographic passions, past, present and future.for foothills and hills, mounts, valleys, peaks, ridges, dunes and Highlands.
— M.P., United States
"It should come as no surprise that we're big fans of the female anatomy, which explains our love for The Big Books. Compiled by TASCHEN editor Dian Hanson, The Big Butt Book and The Big Book of Legs focus on two of our favorite parts, with the former containing over 400 prime examples dating as far back as 1900, the latter pictorially examining the female leg's former taboo status and the social change its slow reveal brought about, each accompanied by interesting trivia and interviews. The ultimate coffee table set for your man room."—, United States
"From the earliest burlesque shows to pornography's golden age, TASCHEN's Sexy Books pay homage to the cosmic perfection of our anatomy. Overflowing with Freudian implications and interviews with erotic artists like Robert Crumb and Tinto Brass, these hardbacks stand as testament that nature knows best."— Men's Journal, New York, United States
"Publicado pela TASCHEN e organizado por Dian Hanson, o volume acompanha a história da fotografia erótica por três décadas, com modelos sem silicone, mostrando que a natureza é capaz de fazer melhor que a ciência."—, Sao Paulo, Brazil
"The Big Book of Breasts, The Big Penis Book and The Wonderful World of Bill Ward are oversize monsters, each with more than 300 foot-square pages and a $50 price tag."—, United States
"Having the right literary material on your coffee table will increase your chance of having her on it. ... Just make sure it's high-brow haute erotica and not Razzle or any of its top-shelf associates. ... So, with at least twice as many images to arouse her, there's the potential to double the number of times you have sex each week. ... The right book is a high-class hook for her. Net cost: The Big Book Of Breasts (TASCHEN), £35, Net result: Her arousal doubled for 100% more sex for both of you."— Men's Health, London, United Kingdom
"Mit diesem Bildband setzt der Kölner TASCHEN-Verlag schönen Frauen mit natürlich großen Brüsten ein Denkmal ... Ausführliche Interviews mit den großbusigen Stars gewähren fundierte, teilweise intime Einblicke in Karrieren und die Arbeit vor der Kamera."— Hersfelder Zeitung, Bad Hersfeld, Germany
"Les 400 culs. Depuis quelques saisons, la maison d'édition TASCHEN consacre de véritables bibles photographiques aux objets de nos fantasmes. Après un recueil consacré aux (gros) pénis, un autre aux (grosses) poitrines et, le dernier en date, aux (grandes) jambes, l'éditeur allemand prévoit une somme dédiée aux fesses, postérieurs, derrières, croupes et autres culs. Sujet existentiel s'il en est (...). Sujet inspirant en tout cas."— Weekend (Le Vif/L'Express), Bruxelles, Belgium
"If your secret stash includes a few copies of rare erotic books, you have Benedikt Taschen to thank for bringing them to the mainstream... Sexy books include Cool Material's all time favorite - The Big Book of Breasts - among other taboo titles."— Cool Material, New York, United States
"Olvídense de aquel refrán que decía >teta que la mano no cubre no es es teta, sino ubre<. En este gran libro de pechos lo que tiene importancia, y mucha, es el tamaño de los mismos. El libro está formado por 400 páginas a lo largo de las cuales se analizan -al margen de lo que a cada uno le sugieran las imágenes- el impacto de la desnudez en la sociedad norteamericana y la relevancia que tuvieron auténticas estrellas -y sus pechos- como Tempest Storm o Candy Barr. La selección de fotografías hechos por Hanson comienza en la década de los cincuenta. Y a partir de ahí, nos enseña que cada época tiene sus intocables figuras. (...) De entre las muchas perlas que hay destaca un ensayo sobre la importancia de pospechos grandes para el erotismo, cómo han ido evolucionando las tendencias y porqué EUA es el más país más obsesionado con el tamaño."— Caprizzio, Barcelona, Spain
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The Big Book of Breasts

The Big Book of Breasts

Dian Hanson
Hardcover, 11.8 x 11.8 in., 396 pages
$ 59.99

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The Big Book of Breasts
Editor Dian Hanson on "The Big Book of Breasts"