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“Araki’s gorgeously provocative flower studies… exude sensuality in glorious technicolor.”— PLUK, London, United Kingdom
“An enormous and unique book… his powerful oeuvre‚ decades worth of images‚ has been pared down to about 1‚000 photographs which tell the story of Araki and comprise the ultimate retrospective collection of his work.”— Erotic Review, London, United Kingdom
“This book reveals everything about me… Photography is love and death – that will be my epitaph.”— Nobuyoshi Araki
“It contains every wish‚ every desire‚ any form of beauty you can imagine and disturb you profoundly at the same time. It is food for thought. It is Araki.”— Sander van Hove, Amsterdam, Netherlands
“First I thought of publishing everything myself in Japan. But finally it seemed more interesting to do it through another person’s perspective, and most particularly a foreigner’s. For me‚ the ‘other person’ is always a foreigner. And this time‚ it is indeed a foreigner‚ which is very fresh. Ultimately‚ this book is not Araki by Araki‚ but Araki by TASCHEN. I think it remains just as interesting. When a foreigner chooses my works‚ it can reveal to unknown aspects of myself.”— Nobuyoshi Araki to, Los Angeles, United States
“A beautiful beautiful book that is much too expensive for normal people to own. Oh well‚ chalk one up for the elitists.”— Budget, United States
“Each photo looks like a frameable print.”— Giant Robot, United States
“There’s a whiff of corruption about even the most innocent of Nobuyoshi Araki’s images… Araki by Araki – a phonebook–fat retrospective of a lifetime’s snapping.”— The Sunday Telegraph Magazine, London, United Kingdom
“Araki still draws a global audience with the variety of his beautiful and provocative imagery‚ resolutely defying the strict censorship laws in his native country rather than compromise his vision.”— The Art Newspaper, London, United Kingdom
“Araki’s work displays the more tender and artistic side of a society that came up with‚ among other salacious treats‚ schoolgirl knicker vending machines.”— Watch, London, United Kingdom
Araki (Collector's Edition)


Nobuyoshi Araki
Hardcover in clamshell box, 13.6 x 19.7 in., 636 pages
$ 4,000
Multilingual Edition: English, French, German
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