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"First published 15 years ago, this coffee table book is a comprehensive guide to the history of pin up, and collects the best illustrations of the time from 22 artists."— Bizarre, London, United Kingdom
"The Pin-Up Library You’ve Been Missing... Suggestive. Classy. Alluring. Whimsical. Sexy... Illustrated. And just to prove it all, there’s this 280-page ode to America’s cartoon sweethearts, with more than 500 illustrations and stories about the Picassos of the field. You know, to keep it strictly academic.”—
“As Pin-ups assumiram um status cult e são um dos principais ícones dessa onda vintage que vivemos. Para homenageá-las, a editora TASCHEN lançará o livro The Great American Pin-Up que reúne mais de 500 ilustrações das garotas que inspiraram o imaginário masculino desde os anos 20. Os autores, Charles G. Martignette e Louis K. Meisel, não deixaram de lado a reflexão sobre a representação da mulher ao longo dos anos. A publicação custará 20 dólares. A grande dica para depois de ler é usar o livro como peça de décor. Não fica lindo em cima da mesa?”— Elle, Brazil
“This title rereleased by TASCHEN takes the reader on a journey to discover the best of the pin up genre by the originators and some of the best still out there. It’s got artwork by greats like Vargas, Elvgren as well as Al Moore carefully selected by the books authors Charles Martignett and Louis Meisel to give the reader a title to love. Whilst my own personal tastes for Pin-up is more along the lines of the cheeky cheesecake sense of fun, this book gives you a wonderful journey and a cracking way to get to know the artists who inspired a future generation such as Olivia DeBerardinis, Jennifer Janesko and Luis Royo. A cracking title all round and one that I thoroughly enjoyed.”—
“For the Visual Learner: The Great American Pin-Up , A history of a long-standing form. And something to look at. For the coffee table.”— Esquire Magazine, New York, United States
"The age of political correctness hasn’t ended their appeal, oh no, it’s merely wetted our appetite – and desire – for more. Long live the glamour puss!"— Fiesta, London, United Kingdom
"Having previously read and reviewed 1000 Pin-up Girls and Gil Elvgren - The Complete Pin Ups I was looking forward to getting my mitts on this book and I have to say it didn't disappoint. The book is a comprehensive overview of the best American pin up artists and features over 500 beautiful pin up illustrations... In conclusion this book is a must buy for any fan of the pinup genre."—, Sydney, Australia
“This beautiful book was first printed in 1996 and is easy to see why it is still popular; the images are now highly collectable and the artists’ skills are recognised outside of the subject matter. The typical pin-up girl that springs to mind for most of us is well described by Meisel as ‘sexy but chaste and all American’. Certainly there is sauciness to many of them, but in comparison to the over sexualised imagery we have grown accustomed to today, they have an innocent charm too. From the house wife in her garden flashing a stocking clad thigh, to the woman in a glamorous evening dress, these images were used for everything from selling cigarettes to encouraging people to vote. Many of the genre’s biggest names are featured including Freeman Elliot, Bill Medcalf and Edward Runci. This book is simultaneously glamorous and nostalgic, a showcase of talented illustrators from an era when ‘sex sells’ was the mantra but, unlike today, a flash of cleavage or glimpse of thigh was often all that was needed!”— My Creative Diva, Brighton, United Kingdom
The Great American Pin-Up (Jumbo)

The Great American Pin-Up

Charles G. Martignette, Louis K. Meisel
Hardcover, 9.4 x 12.4 in., 240 pages
$ 19.99
Multilingual Edition: English, French, German
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