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"A bricklike compilation of groundbreaking design and photography."— The New York Times Book Review, New York, United States
"Eine wunderschöne, aufwändig gestaltete Sammlung ..."— Maxim, München, Germany
"TASCHEN have put together this new edition of Jazz Covers , a sizeable volume of exceptional Jazz LP covers dating back to the 40s. The kind of vinyl you buy purely for the cover, this brings together hundreds of designs across two books, with an emphasis on the colourful midcentury atomic style graphics that covered everything from food packaging to cushion covers. Helpfully, each record is accompanied by its illustrator’s name, photographer, label etc, so plenty of hard info to geek out on. Even if jazzing out in a leather recliner and cashmere sweater isn’t your thing, this is an incredible overview of design through the decades."— Selectism.com, Berlin, Germany
"But TASCHEN’s new coffee table book, Jazz Covers II, is a an even better advertisement of why album artwork shouldn't be stuck in a cupboard... and enjoy these beauties from the TASCHEN book, which would also make a spectacular present for the design-appreciating muso in your life. And, yes, sacrilege, but if you don't have any record sleeves as beautiful as these, you could always slice them out of the book with a Stanley knife and frame them..."www.yourhomeislovely.com, United Kingdom
"... But a new 2 volume set of album cover art has raised the bar much higher. It’s called Jazz Covers: From the 1940s to the 1990s. TASCHEN, the high-end art publisher, has a reputation for first class photo and art books, all with state-of-the-art production values and superb quality overall. The German-based company, which has retail outlets here in America, has just come out with an absolutely stupendous 2-volume set of album cover art for jazz lp’s spanning 50 years... Most if not all of this art was hand made by major graphic artists like Reid Miles of Blue Note, Bob Ciano of CTI, Margo Guryan of Impulse. Photographers include greats like William Claxton and Herman Leonard. The 2 large tomes also feature many more obscure albums by European jazz artists released only in Europe, such as pianist George Arvanitas, Rodolfo Alchurron, Gustav Brom, Polish jazz pianist and film composer Krzysztof Komeda, among others. Volume one features rare gems like the rarely-seen original Fontana Records cover of Miles Davis’ 1957 soundtrack for Louis Malle’s first film, l’Ascenseur pour l’Échafaud (Lift to the Scaffold)... In fact, many of these classic jazz albums have been out of print or never reissued, so you may see albums you’ve never seen or even heard of. There were many I’d never seen, and I’ve been following jazz for a long time, both here and in Europe, where I once lived... The cover art in these two very hefty volumes —they’ll almost break your arm off with their weight— is as timeless, stylish, and hip as the music it celebrates. What makes it even better is that it has album picks by contemporary musicians and producers like King Britt, Gilles Peterson, and Rainer Truby, as well as interviews with jazz historians like Michael Cuscuna, legendary engineer Rudy Van Gelder, Creed Taylor, and journalist Ashley Kahn."— KCRW.com, Los Angeles, United States
"A hugely enjoyable set of books for me on two levels; as a jazz music fan and a designer, so they easily earn my hearty recommendation. I’ll certainly continue to dip into them when looking for something new to listen to and to inspire new work. In fact, if you’re running a little short on creative inspiration lately, I suggest you pick up a copy, take some time out to indulge in the amazing array of cover art (just take a look at some of the examples below) while your favorite jazz record plays in the background, and if your creative juices don’t start flowing, you might want to check your pulse."— Wingsart Blog, London, United Kingdom
"Vinyl Addict. Le charme patiné des vieux vinyles... sans la poussière sur la pochette restée trop longtemps au fond du placard. C’est l’idée de TASCHEN qui compile en deux volumes les plus belles pochettes de 33 tours de jazz entre 1940 et 1990... Jazz Covers est une plongée dans l’histoire du jazz par la petite, mais tout aussi révélatrice porte du graphisme et de l’illustration."— Pariscope, Paris, France
"De vez en cuando aparece en el mundo del jazz un rayo de luz que te hace sonreír. Este es el caso del relanzamiento por parte de la impagable TASCHEN de Jazz Covers, un precioso trabajo gráfico de gran formato relacionado con las portadas de vinilo de los discos de jazz desde 1940, hasta 1990. A través de sus páginas, Jazz Covers presenta espléndidos volúmenes, una amplísima selección de cubiertas de discos de jazz, que recorre visualmente la historia de esta maravillosa música durante medio siglo del diseño gráfico. Joaquim Paulo, el autor de esta maravillosa obra artística... Julius Wiedemannel editor de esta obra con mayúscula. Una obra imprescindible en la biblioteca de cualquier amante del jazz."— Apoloybaco.com, Spain
"In two volumes, TASCHEN’s newly released Jazz Covers features a brilliant selection of classic graphics from the 1940s to the 1990s. The selected material highlights important performers, albums, art directors, photographers, illustrators, and labels that gave the genre a distinct identity. Among those included are Bob Ciano, one of the greatest cover designers ever for the CTI Label, and producer Creed Taylor... Anyone with a love for jazz and a curiosity for design should have this publication in their collection. Buy it now."— Complex.com, New York, United States
"The 1940s and 1950s were times of innovation in the jazz world, and as much as that meant bebop in the clubs, it also meant striking, innovative sleeves on the vinyl format."— i, London, United Kingdom
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Jazz Covers (Jumbo)

Jazz Covers

Joaquim Paulo, Julius Wiedemann
Hardcover, 2 vols. in slipcase, 11.8 x 11.8 in., 560 pages
$ 59.99

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