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"Menu design: a must have for any foodie. Just hot off the press is this great book by TASCHEN: Hundred Years of Menu Designs…We love it!"—, Belgium
"A book due out in (fall) from the design-centric publishing house TASCHEN will feature nearly 800 examples of graphic art on menus from 1850-1985, and it looks charming as all get out… We've got a copy on the way. Restaurateurs, take note: A resurgence in thoughtful, artistic menus is past due."—
"Menu Design in America, edited by Jim Heimann with an introduction by Steven Heller and captions from John Mariani, not only catalogues nearly 800 American menus, it also gives a history of the whole concept of a printed menu. The book's publisher, TASCHEN, sent a copy over to us, and after having gone through it, we have to say we're pretty impressed."— New York Magazine’s Grub Street, New York, United States
"This collection of 800 graphic menus in TASCHEN’s Menu Design in America, 1850-1985 serves as a pictoral history of legendary restaurants in the U.S. The book is FANTASTIC — it is nearly impossible to choose only 10 favorites."—
"Serving Up History…The forthcoming book “Menu Design in America” is vividly illustrated with nearly 800 examples from 1850-1985."— Wall Street Journal, New York, United States
"If like us, you eat up all things vintage & American in a similar way to how Popeye eats his spinach then you might want to take a look at this latest tome from TASCHEN. Between 1850 and 1985 the printed menu came into its own, evolving into a practical art-form that not only relayed what delights to eat and drink were on offer but also gave diners a lasting memento of meal and venue to take home and cherish. This book showcases nearly 800 classic examples of menus spanning this important period of US history, perfectly capturing the changing styles and eating habits of the times. There’s also a fascinating introduction on the history of menu design by Steven Heller as well as a interior and exterior shots of the cafes and restaurants themselves. We don’t know about you but some of the images, really reminded us of the T-shirt prints featured on ace early 90s label French Chipie, no bad thing at all. This is no coffee table book, this is a dinner table book."— Proper Magazine, London, United Kingdom
„Der opulente Band in gewohnter TASCHEN-Qualität blickt auf einhundert Jahre Grafik in der Gastronomie zurück und hat unzählige Schätze geborgen, die unterschiedlicher nicht sein könnten. Oft mit einer Fotografie des jeweiligen Restaurants versehen, entstand eine nostalgische Zeitreise, die Sammlerwert hat!“— Novum, München, Germany
"The worlds of graphology and gastronomy go together like surf and turf in "Menu Design in America: A Visual and Culinary History of Graphic Styles and Design 1850-1985…the 392-page hardcover tome traverses the early roots and dazzling evolution of America’s aesthetically-rendered "bills of fare.”…the establishments represented in these pages add up to nothing short of a time capsule…The examples here, more than 800 of them, are jaw-dropping…Luxuriating vicariously in the pleasures of this book – edited by cultural anthropologist Jim Heimann and featuring a meticulously researched, must-read preface and introduction – you can’t help but become hungry…for food of course, but also for something more: the bygone days of our country’s splendidly rich and complex graphic past… Epicureans of both good food and artful design will do well to make Menu Design their coffee table's main course."— Chip Kidd, Wall Street Journal, New York, United States
"Thanks to the New York Public Library's monolithic menu-cataloging project, restaurant menus have been getting their due as invaluable historical reference tools. But leave it to TASCHEN -- the German publisher known for its big, beautiful coffee-table books -- to recognize them as works of art: In August, it will immortalize menus spanning the country and a century in Menu Design in America, 1850-1985…The book features 800 examples of menu covers and interiors, accompanied by captions written by Esquire restaurant critic and Grant Achatz BFF John Mariani. The following sample reflects the amazing craftsmanship that many restaurants applied to their bills of fare, and suggests that today's restaurateurs could learn a lot from their predecessors. Listing all of your local farmers/purveyors in a stark, bold-faced serifont is fine, but doesn't hold a candle to a nymph shooting an arrow at a pink unicorn."—, New York, United States
"Tasteful Décor…The nearly 800 menus collected in a newly released illustrated tome might be just as appetizing as the food."— National Post, Toronto, Canada
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Menu Design in America, 1850–1985

Menu Design in America, 1850–1985

Jim Heimann, Steven Heller, John Mariani
Hardcover, 9.8 x 12.5 in., 392 pages
$ 59.99
Multilingual Edition: English, French, German
Availability: In Stock
  • My Favorite TASCHEN Book Is...
Dian Keaton

"OK, I'm thinking how do they do it? My latest Taschen book, Menu Design in America by that amazing Jim Heimann, is just another reason I can't wait to get my hands on their next gorgeous book."
Illustration by Robert Nippoldt
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