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"I have seen a lot of books about comics, but I have never seen a more beautiful one than this."— ComicsBeat.com, New York, United States
"What began as a historical project . . . now may qualify as a history-making one."— The Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, United States
“Visually, this book is filled with wonders… the TASCHEN team have done a seriously-impressive job plundering the archives and generating an array of little-seen gems amidst the expected iconic DC imagery, with some dramatically covering double-page spreads… It’s a magnificent read and, ultimately, serves a powerful testament to the stunning achievements DC Comics has made in its 75-year lifespan… as a long-time aficionado of TASCHEN – both as fan and reviewer – I can certainly attest that you inarguably get what you pay for. One of the things that truly defines TASCHEN as a publisher is not just their passion for and authority on their subject matter... but also their innate awareness of the nuanced desires of the collector and this is reflected in their larger books mouth-watering level of quality with regards to their design and packaging. With 75DC, you don’t just have a valuable and highly-authoritative reference resource… as well as a superb piece of eye candy… but also a gorgeous collectible that will quickly assert its status as a Crown Jewel in any Comics fan’s library. It’s the new No.1… and is worth every penny…”— Danny Graydon.com, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
"Doublet winter fun (i-D Covers + DC Comics)...inspiring and beautiful lifestyle books from TASCHEN."— METRONYT, Copenhagen, Denmark
"Deu ao mundo figures como Super-homen e Batman. Aí está increíble história da editora DC Comics, num livro da TASCHEN que tem duas mil imagnes e pesa nove quilos."— Sol, Lisbon, Portugal
“75 Years of DC Comics by Paul Levitz is a remarkable monument both to DC and to popular culture…Levitz’s tour of DC Comics 75 years is a fascinating rollercoaster ride across the decades…Apart from the comic book characters who have become legends over the years, it was the creators – the scriptwriters and artists – who rarely received much acknowledgement, apart, perhaps, from a byline. Paul Levitz however, admirably addresses this by giving quotes, biographies and profiles of DC Comic’s star cast, and an impressive array of talent it is.

Leafing through the hundreds of pages of artworks, covers, etc., that lavishly illustrate Levitz’s’ book – both familiar and never-before-published material – it’s easy to see why Pop Art seized on these comic book graphic styles with all their raunchy panache and immediacy”.
— Arts & Collections International, United Kingdom
"Vielleicht das schwerste Buch des Jahres. Lässt sich nur zu zweit tragen. Drinnen: die Helden gegen die Krise - Superman und Batman."— Die Zeit, Hamburg, Germany
"Zum 75. Geburtstag des Comic-Verlags DC erscheint ein Mega-Band im XXL-Format, der den alten und neuen Helden huldigt. ... Paul Levitz XXL-Schwarte, die DC zum 75. Geburtstag gratuliert, ist mit 7,5 Kilo und etwa 1,20 Meter Gesamtbreite kein normales Buch mehr, sondern eher ein Museum zum Umblättern. Fans können schwelgen und aus dem Prallvollen der über 2000 Abbildungen schöpfen."— Hamburger Abendblatt, Hamburg, Germany
"Die Bildfülle und die Detailfülle sind es, die dieses Buch zu einem wirklich wertvollen Instrument der Analyse der Comichistorie der USA machen. Auch wenn das Buch nicht unbedingt den Anspruch erhebt, ein wissenschaftliches Werk zu sein, ist es dennoch für die wissenschaftliche Beschäftigung mit den Comics von nicht unerheblicher Bedeutung."— Die Sprechblase, Bergkamen, Germany
"Niemand, der über die Geschichte der Comics, über die Interdependenzen zwischen Medium und Welt nachdenkt und sich informieren möchte, wird um diesen Band herumkommen. Das alles ist für Comic-Aficionados und solche, die es werden wollen, rasend spannend. Für Newcomer eine Goldgrube, für Leute, die sich schon auszukennen glauben, eine dringend nötige Feinjustierung, die auch noch gigantisch gut und praktisch aufgemacht ist: mit Ausklappbögen, aufwendigster Drucktechnik und mit viel Liebe fürs Seitenlayout dieses Megawhoppers von Buch."— Culturmag.de, Hamburg, Germany
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75 Years of DC Comics. The Art of Modern Mythmaking (XL-Format)

75 Years of DC Comics. The Art of Modern Mythmaking

Paul Levitz
Hardcover, 11.4 x 15.6 in., 720 pages
$ 200

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  • My Favorite TASCHEN Book Is...
Stan Lee

"Almost all the TASCHEN books are things of beauty as well as fine reading. My favorite so far is the large, fantastically illustrated 75 Years of DC Comics by Paul Levitz, which is both an eyefilling credit to its subject and to its quality-oriented publisher."
Illustration by Robert Nippoldt
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