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“The underground comic and gifted dirty old man handpicks his finest unsavory doodles.”— The Huffington Post, New York, United States
“I love R. Crumb’s Sketchbooks… I have three of them‚ which are facsimile editions of his sketchbooks from the 60s and 70s… I paid about $ 100 per volume… this six volume set for TASCHEN is $ 1000… it looks great.”—, Los Angeles, United States
“The good folks behind my collection of vintage pornography and Tom of Finland art books are getting ready to release a collection of sketchbooks by R. Crumb‚ featuring his work over the last thirty years… I am all for dropping a wad for something so super awesome.”—, United States
“Charting Crumb’s artistic progress over the past 30 years‚ the weightily tomes contain many notebook highlights. You’ll find everything from unseen doodles depicting punters at cafes to sprawling cartoons strips and uncharacteristically orthodox still–life drawings.”— Shortlist, London, United Kingdom
“Fans of R. Crumb have received a well curated product in the new six–book 1‚3000 page box set collecting Robert Crumb sketch art created during the second half of the artists career… Robert Crumb: The Sketchbooks: 1981–2012  looks to be a response to fans demanding new material… included are more than 600 unseen drawings from the artists collection… this best–of edition was personally edited by Robert Crumb himself.”—
“Cartoonist‚ artist‚ writer and musician Robert Crumb‚ who is the author of numerous comic works‚ has released a six–book boxed set‚ published by TASCHEN Books and edited by Dian Hanson‚ titled R. Crumb: Sketchbooks 1982-2011… it will include 1‚344 pages of his original drawings from the second half of his career‚ including 600 never–before–seen drawings… all artwork was hand–picked by Crumb from his notebooks to showcase his best work.”—, United States
Robert Crumb. Sketchbooks 1982–2011 (Collector's Edition)

Robert Crumb. Sketchbooks 1982–2011

Dian Hanson
Hardcover, 6 vols. in slipcase with print in portfolio, 8.1 x 10.6 in., 1344 pages
$ 1,000
Edition: English
Availability: In Stock
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