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“A photographic celebration of L.A.”— Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, United States
"This is the big, expensive ($70) book that every Angeleno-phile wants in 2010. Many years in the making, this collection of more than 500 images is both pictorial history and photographic tribute. Jim Heimann, editor of TASCHEN America, worked with L.A. Times book critic Daid Ulin and historian Kevin Starr to select images we haven't seen before and give them the crucial context."— KCRW.com (Voted #1 Most Essential Book about Los Angeles), United States
"This sold out all over the city last year."— Reviewer's Pick: Carolyn Kellogg Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, United States
"Atmosphäre fangen die Bilder ein, die dieser monumentale und zur Aufbesserung der Laune an verregneten Frühsommertagen bestens geeignete Fotoband versammelt."— Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, Berlin, Germany
"Fotoritratto di un sogno americano: Los Angeles... Una palma piantata in Fifth Street per 'tropicalizzare' la città nel 1889. Hollywoodland nel 1924. Beach boom e brillantina negli anni '50... Così non c'e l'aspettavamo ma è così che la raccontano - fino al 2000 - gli scatti di grandi fotografi, sviscerandone i 'dietro le quinte' tra stili di vita, costumi, mode. Ritratti nostralgici e persino buffi, da ritrovare o scoprire in un viaggio divertente."— Marie Claire Maison, Milano, Italy
"Der rasante historische Aufstieg der Megacity ist in diesem fotografischen Meisterwerk von Gewicht nachzuvollziehen. ... Wunderschöne Neuerscheinung."— Tageblatt, Luxemburg, Luxembourg
"Eine Zeitreise in die Stadt der Engel - opulent und faszinierend. ... Ein großartiger Prachtband."— Live, Saarland, Germany
"Finally, if you're staying at home, I'd suggest getting hold of TASCHEN's splendid, and splendidly hefty, Los Angeles, by Kevin Starr, David L Ulin and Jim Heimann - a survey in words and pictures of a city that is warm and sunny almost all the time. Don't try reading that on an iPad."— GQ.com, London, United Kingdom
"Los Angeles ist mit seinen 150 Jahren eine junge Weltstadt - ein Sammelsurium der diversesten Emotionen, Rollenspiele, Überraschungen, Glücksmomente und vielerlei Absurditäten. ... Dieses allumfassende Buch ist wunderschön."— Kosmopolis, Berlin, Germany
"Der Bildband erzählt die Geschichte der Stadt - wie aus dem Aschenputtel im kargen Brachland die Glitzermetropole wurde. Ein intellektueller Augenschmaus mit vielen bislang unentdeckten Fotos von Starfotografen."— Wienerin, Wien, Austria
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Los Angeles. Portrait of a City

Los Angeles. Portrait of a City

Kevin Starr, David L. Ulin, Jim Heimann
Hardcover, 9.8 x 13.4 in., 572 pages
$ 69.99
Multilingual Edition: English, French, German
Availability: In Stock
  • My Favorite TASCHEN Book Is...
Arnold Schwarzenegger

“I’ve called Los Angeles home for more than four decades, and still I manage to discover more of it every time I open this TASCHEN book. It captures everything I love about my home – Muscle Beach, palm trees, the Hollywood hills – and even manages to show off some of the things I hate – the fantastic map of the old, extensive public transit system that was dismantled and discarded reminds me of just how shortsighted my starstruck home can be. Benedikt Taschen did the impossible. He took a city obsessed with the hottest, newest things and managed to create a lasting and beautiful memory.”
Illustration by Robert Nippoldt
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