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"The level of design innovation, period redolence, and surprising humour make for an entertaining read. Alcohol to aeroplanes, holidays to home goods, it's all here and it looks very cool indeed. For furniture fans, ads from the likes of Herman Miller and Knoll demonstrate a skilful combination of graphics and photography. TV advertising had not reached the filmic levels of production we see today, and instead it was in two-dimensional renderings that the greatest innovation could be found. And these books, in all their 720 pages of beautifully reproduced imagery show this to the full."— Midcentury Magazine, London, United Kingdom
"A beautifully designed romp through those decades, this coffee-table tome is both thought provoking and amusing, much like good marketing. You’d be hard pressed not to smirk at some of the ideas that made the cut."— The Observer, London, United Kingdom
"The book features a collection of the best of American print advertising, from the height of American consumerism, when magazines were flooded with clever campaigns selling everything from girdles to guns. They epitomize the spirit in America as concerns about the Cold War were offset by the cocktails-and-cigarettes of the Mad Men era."— The Mirror, London, United Kingdom
"If you love advertising from America’s mid-century modern era, newly returned TV show Mad Men, then you’ll love this new book from TASCHEN which celebrates some of the great print adverts of the period."— Classic American Magazine, Manchester, United Kingdom
„Auf 720 Seiten präsentiert Jim Heimann in diesen beiden Bänden großformatige Anzeigen aus US-Magazinen jener Zeit. Manche davon sind so liebevoll verrückt, dass die Benennung dieser Werbejahre als 'Mad Men Era' mühelos nachvollziehbar wird. Der Bildbearbeiter des Jahres 2012 findet dort jede Menge Anregungen für eigene nostalgische Gestaltungen für Bild, Farbgebung und Typo.”— Docma, Hamburg, Germany
„Ein Doppelband versammelt, wonach Amerika sich in den Fünfzigern und Sechzigern sehnte: Zigaretten, Alkohol, Autos.”www.musikexpress.de, Berlin, Germany
"Un libro de TASCHEN analiza los anuncios de Don Draper. Anuncios que TASCHEN recopila en dos volúmenes titulados Advertising from the Mad Men Era."— Spain TV Mania, Madrid, Spain
"E agora os comerciais. Dois volumes de TASCHEN contam a historia da publicidade impressa no mercado norte-americano nos anos 50 y 60. À boleia da conhecida e premiada serie televisiva Mad Men. Selecionados a partir de millares de ejemplos, sao reproducidos centenas de anunciosque revelam as mudanzas introduzidaspelas cabeças pensantes das mayores agencias, como Hewitt, a Ogilvy e Benson & Mather."— UNIBANCO Magazine, Lisbon, Portugal
„Es macht wahnsinnig viel Spaß diese Bücher anzugucken... Wunderbares, opulentes und nachdenklich machendes Werbebuch.”— Deutschlandradio Kultur, Berlin, Germany
„Clevere Werbeanzeigen: ein zweiteiliger Bildband zeigt jetzt die Bestleistungen der innovativsten Werbeagenturen der New Yorker Madison Avenue... Ein aufschlussreicher Einblick in die Wünsche und Verheißungen der US-Bürger... Ausdruck von Optimierung und uneingeschränkter Konsumbegeisterung.”— Kulturzeit, 3sat, Mainz, Germany
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Mid-Century Ads (Jumbo, TASCHEN 25 Edition)

Mid-Century Ads

Jim Heimann, Steven Heller
Hardcover, 2 vols. in slipcase, 9.4 x 13.2 in., 720 pages
$ 59.99
Multilingual Edition: English, French, German
Availability: In Stock
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