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Frans Lanting: Eye to Eye (Collector's Edition)

Frans Lanting: Eye to Eye

Hardcover in clamshell box with print, 10.4 x 12.9 in., 252 pages, $ 700
Lanting's first personal portfolio. Limited Edition of 1,500 copies, each including a signed cibachrome print signed by Frans Lanting
National Geographic. Around the World in 125 Years (XL-Format)

National Geographic. Around the World in 125 Years

Hardcover, 3 vols. in slipcase, 11.0 x 15.4 in., 1404 pages, $ 499
Exploring the globe since 1888: a journey through time with the world’s favorite magazine. Each slipcase turns into a bookstand. Limited edition of 125,000 copies worldwide
Frans Lanting. Okavango

Frans Lanting. Okavango

Hardcover, 10.3 x 13.0 in., 252 pages, $ 39.99
Frans Lanting’s vibrant tribute to the Old Africa of Okavango
Frans Lanting. Jungles

Frans Lanting. Jungles

Hardcover, 9.8 x 12.2 in., 256 pages, $ 19.99
Where the wild things are. From South America to Africa, up close with rainforest flora and fauna
Frans Lanting. Penguin

Frans Lanting. Penguin

Hardcover, 8.9 x 11.8 in., 168 pages, $ 14.99
At the end of the world - on ice with Frans Lanting. Intense, intimate encounters with penguins
Frans Lanting. LIFE

Frans Lanting. LIFE

Frans Lanting, Christine Eckstrom
Hardcover, 9.8 x 12.2 in., 304 pages
New edition, only $ 29.99
Original edition $ 59.99
Edition: English
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"Life offers a stunning collection of wildlife photographer Frans Lanting’s finest work. Here, he reveals the hidden beauty of life on earth, in all its curious forms, from microbes to vast geological formations and many things in between. The result is a truly fascinating volume, which is not only an informative piece, but a spectacular work of art in its own right."
— Image, Dublin, Ireland