An homage to the Curtis's 30-year Native American photography project

At the turn of the century, the American photographer Edward Sheriff Curtis (1868–1952) started on his 30-year project to produce a monumental study of North American Indians. Using an approach that was both artistically and scientifically ambitious he recorded, in words and pictures, the traces of the traditional Indian way of life that was already beginning to die out. The most important images of Curtis’ work have been included in this compact homage to the great photographer.
About the Series:
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The author:
Hans Christian Adam studied psychology, art history and communication in Göttingen and Vienna. As a specialist in historical images, he has published numerous articles and books, including titles on travel and war photography. He is the author of TASCHEN’s Edward Sheriff Curtis: The North American Indian, Karl Blossfeldt, Eugène Atget: Paris and Berlin, Portrait of a City.
Edward S. Curtis: Native Americans (Icon, TASCHEN 25 Edition)

Edward S. Curtis: Native Americans

Hardcover, 5.5 x 7.7 in., 192 pages
$ 7.99

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