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“A poignant portrait that captures the star as her world began to collapse.”— Irish Independent, Dublin, Ireland
“It's lovely seeing the blue box and to feel it makes it very beautiful indeed. When I opened it to look inside the pages, some of the pictures were like she was coming right out of them... magical!”— Fraser Penny, Immortal Marilyn, Perth, Australia
“Schiller’s story and photo spread were revealing in ways I didn’t expect. Far from being a case of voyeurs manipulating Monroe, it was Monroe manipulating voyeurs.”— The Toronto Star, Toronto, United States
“In this collector’s edition are previously unseen images of a starlet gorgeous and vulnerable, bold, and confused.”— American Photo, New York, United States
“Captures perfectly the other reasons for the screen siren’s enduring popularity.”— Air Magazine, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
“With a sense of modesty and humour, Schiller‘s book tells us a story that was kept secret until now and offers us many extraordinary photos that were never published.”— Dalia Airlines Magazine, Paris, France
“Marilyn & Me is a bare-all—both metaphorically and literally—that’s just as captivating as its subject.”— DA MAN magazine, Indonesia
“A limited-print-run heirloom of a book.”— Independent, London, United Kingdom
«I destini dei due s’incrociano al punto che Larry comporrà Marilyn & Me, dialoghi e immagini, buona parte delle quali rimaste inedite fino a questa pubblicazione con il marchio TASCHEN. Preziosissimo volume, edizione limitata. Il suo costo non lo rende certo accessibile ai comuni mortali, ma "anche solo i dialoghi lo valgono" assicurano gli esperti di Vanity Fair— Il Resto del Carlino, Bologna; La Nazione, Firenze; Il Giorno, Milano, Italy
«Fu lì che Marilyn apparve nuda per girare una scena del film e fu lì che Schiller realizzò alcune fotografie che fecero storia… Marilyn & Me la mostra è accompagnata da un volume in edizione limitata edito dalla TASCHEN.»— Playboy, Milano, Italy
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Lawrence Schiller. Marilyn & Me. A Memoir in Words & Photographs (Collector's Edition)

Lawrence Schiller. Marilyn & Me. A Memoir in Words & Photographs

Lawrence Schiller
Hardcover in clamshell box, 11.4 x 15.6 in., 210 pages
$ 1,000
Edition: English
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Lawrence Schiller's view of Marilyn Monroe. CBS Sunday Morning, April 29, 2012