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“Beatles All Over Your Coffee Table. Beatlemania in France. You really missed out. This British newspaperman didn’t. And now he’s turning the lesser–known‚ more–intimate highlights (read: that hotel pillow fight in Paris) into something compelling for your coffee table. Or extremely heavy for the beach.”— urbandaddy.com, United States
“The (Pillow Fight) photograph – a funny‚ indelible image of the most famous musical performers in history acting like a bunch of giddy kids – is one of hundreds in the hefty‚ staggeringly gorgeous new limited edition of Benson: The Beatles On the Road 1964-1966… The book‚ expertly designed by art director Josh Baker‚ chronicles the whirlwind of life on tour: live appearances‚ rabid crowds climbing on limos‚ the set of A Hard Day’s Night‚ even a few elegant portraits of rare quiet moments amid the hysteria. The price is steep ($ 700)‚ but 200 lavish art editions‚ which came with a silver gelatin print signed by Benson‚ sold out quickly; serious fans of photography could not wait to get their hands on the book… Benson loves the TASCHEN book – ‘I'm in awe of it’‚ he says – but in the end‚ the music is what will always matter most.”— The Miami Herald, Miami, United States
“Beatles fans will be delighted by this massive tome.”— Amateur Photographer, United Kingdom
“Benson’s Beatles are jubilant and unscripted – four lads on the knife–edge of global fame and later being swept up in its vortex. Benson caught candid glimpses of work and play that show an easy rapport between lens–man and band.”— American Photo, New York, United States
“Is crammed with beautiful‚ luminescent pictures of the group in their mid–60s pomp‚ from the lads larking around in the Georges V Hotel in Paris to their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show and on to the encounter with Mohammad Ali. Benson really did have access all areas.”— Umbrella Magazine, London, United Kingdom
“If you’re a Beatles fan or know someone who is‚ TASCHEN's new title Harry Benson. The Beatles is the ultimate gift. The book‚ a collector's edition of 1,764 numbered copies, showcases hundreds of iconic Beatles photographs shot by Benson from 1964 to 1966. Benson famously captured the Fab Four having a pillow fight at the George V Hotel‚ their groundbreaking first visit to the United States‚ George's honeymoon in Barbados and much more… in addition to the photographs‚ many previously unseen‚ the book also contains quotes and newspaper clippings from the period.”— thelambist.com, San Francisco, United States
“His luminous black and white photographs show The Beatles at close quarters‚ composing‚ performing and managing their new found fame.”— Sunday Magazine, Auckland, New Zealand
“Benson is now releasing hundreds of his images of The Beatles in a limited edition book published by TASCHEN. The Beatles On the Road 1964-1966 features some of Benson’s most famous photos, such as his shot of the Fab Four having a pillow fight in the George V Hotel, as well as many never before seen images.”— PDN.com, New York, United States
“Now in his early '80s‚ Benson and his Beatles photographs are the subject of a massive tome‚ The Beatles On the Road 1964-1966‚ published on June 1 by TASCHEN and feted in Beverly Hills last week. For the occasion‚ West Coast Sound got our grubby little hands on some exclusive photos of the group from this era: the one above and the second one on the next page. This article also has other amazing photos from the book‚ all of them taken by Benson.”— LAWeekly.com, Los Angeles, United States
“Now Benson has collected hundreds of iconic moments, including many previously unseen images, for his new stunning book‚ The Beatles: On the Road 1964-1966 (TASCHEN‚ $ 700‚ 1,964 numbered copies).”— The Hollywood Reporter, Los Angeles, United States
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Harry Benson. The Beatles (Collector's Edition)

Harry Benson. The Beatles

Hardcover in clamshell box, 12.3 x 17.3 in., 272 pages
$ 1,000
Multilingual Edition: English, French, German
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Photographer Harry Benson on Working with The Beatles
The Hollywood Reporter, June 15th 2012