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“His book is also full of unexpected images and juxtapositions, as well as an illuminating conversation about the present and the future with curator Beatrix Ruf – covering everything from the way LEDs are changing how our environments are lit, to the way the Extremely Large Telescope will bring about a Galilean moment of astronomical enlightenment.”— i-D Magazine, London, United Kingdom
"You may know Wolfgang Tillmans from his BUTT spreads, or his exhibitions of the napes of men’s necks, but his new book, Neue Welt, is a much more varied affair... a revealing look at our weird old world, from Nottingham hotels to ‘exotic’ Papua New Guinea and from Old Street roundabout to South America’s southernmost tip, Tierra del Fuego."— Attitude, London, United Kingdom
«Com belas fotos de caráter realista e poético, o fotógrafo alemao Wolfgang Tillmans expande fronteiras em seu novo livro. Wolfgang Tillmans Neue Welt. Resultado de viagens por Inglaterra, Arábia Saudita, Papua Nova Guiné e Brasil, revela imagens tao corriqueirasquanto espaciais, como una noite estrelada.»— L’Officiel, Sao Paulo, Brazil
"The result is a powerful and singular view of life today in diverse parts of the world, seen from many angles."— Getaddictedto.com, Munich, Germany
"...his new book Neue Welt includes more traditional imagery than we have come to expect from the king of innovation and experimentation. But therein lies the key, for Wolfgang this apparently more straightforward image-making is a new venture for him, as he puts it "trying out what the camera can do for me, what I can do for it". And the results are no less wonderful, as the book is packed with powerful, beautiful, thought-provoking and funny photographs taken on his travels..."— It’s Nice That, London, United Kingdom
"From the stars above Kilimanjaro to Shanghai’s neon-lit cityscape, preeminent photographer Wolfgang Tillmans unveils his first impressions of the furthest reaches of the globe... Tillmans’ latest monograph Neue Welt creates a hyperactive and graphically juxtaposed image bank that conveys the sheer density of information available in contemporary culture... edited and designed by Tillmans, the TASCHEN release marks a turning point away from his abstract investigations of the photographic form to a more outward-looking figurative exploration of the world and the camera’s ability to record modern-day experience... staying only fleetingly at each place he visited so as to retain his instant reactions, Tillmans switched to a digital camera for the project and refused to retouch his images in order to capture an authentic vision."— Nowness.com
"In the recently published TASCHEN book Neue Welt ("New World"), Tillmans’ photographs, taken outdoors, seek to challenge interpretation... his choice of subject seems casual: a car headlight, an evening sky, garbage, an empty crab shell... Tillmans is, in essence, stating the obvious we have overlooked... he strips away the excess and gives us access through his dramatically different point of view. Neue Welt follows his 2005 book Trust Study Center, a collection of interior photographs."— Dujour.com, New York, United States
"Volto alla conoscenza di una realtà macrocosmica, con la nuova serie d’immagini New World, Wolfgang Tillmans pone il suo sguardo su varie micro-realtà del mondo con il tentativo di catturarne una visione d’insieme, e di farne esperienza. Questo nuovo corpo di lavoro, è raccolto in un progetto editoriale in collaborazione con TASCHEN e in una mostra al centro Kunsthalle di Zurigo... Sradicando i criteri cardine della sua fotografia, con uno sguardo aperto e curioso in New World, Wolfgang Tillmans, ci presenta la sua nuova visione di totalità del mondo, che non smentisce però la sua capacità di definirlo attraverso l’esperienza che ne fa in prima persona."— Vogue.it, Milano, Italy
"Wolfgang Tillmans... dagli anni '90 ha fornito un nuovo parametro alla creazione fotografica. Il suo obiettivo onnivoro spesso mischia le carte, allude a un gesto pittorico o al collage: parte da un dettaglio piccolo per proporre una visione della realtà... La Kunsthalle di Zurigo fu la prima grande istituzione a organizzare una retrospettiva dell'artista nel 1995 o era replica con Neue Welt (fino al 4 Novembre, corredata da un libro TASCHEN). Un vero e proprio mappamondo, quindi, in cui Paesi diversi compaiono uniti da legami sottili e allusioni spiazzanti... Una glottide in visione ravvicinata appare prima di una cipolla, esibita come scultura dentro una macchina misteriosa. Il mondo nuovo, insomma, è pieno di enigmi e apparizioni, da cui Tillmans distilla una sua personale carta geografica del presente."— RollingStone, Milano, Italy
"London/Berlin-based Wolfgang Tillmans takes a step back from his conceptual explorations into the photographic form and turns his lens to take on the wider world in Neue Welt. For his fourth book with TASCHEN, Tillmans goes on a visual expedition through locations as diverse as Saudi Arabia, Santiago, Tasmania, Shanghai, London, Papua New Guinea and beyond. The book opens with a conversation between Tillmans and Beatrix Ruf, director of Kunsthalle Zurich, in which the photographer reveals his process for this collection: a mixture of digital and analogue, no retouching and staying only several days to preserve each place’s ‘surface’ impression."— Dazed Digital, London, United Kingdom
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Wolfgang Tillmans. Neue Welt

Wolfgang Tillmans. Neue Welt

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