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"Toda una vida. Linda McCartney empezó retratando a músicos y en sus 30 años de carrea realizó fotos imborrables. Su familia a buceado ahora en sus archivos y el resultado es el libro Linda McCartney Life in photographs, (TASCHEN)- con una edición coleccionista firmada por Sir Paul McCartney."— Vogue, Madrid, Spain
"La vida en imágenes de Linda McCartney. TASCHEN publica Linda McCartney: Life in Photographs una retrospectiva de la vida y las fotografías de uno de los principales testigos de la era dorada del rock. Las imágenes que TASCHEN publica ahora abarcan desde sesiones a músicos y fotos de directo hasta imágenes de su vida familiar: una selección de entre las más de 200.000 imágenes de su archivo en el que ha colaborado de manera personal el propio Paul McCartney."—, Madrid, Spain
"Única mirada. TASCHEN publica el libro Linda McCartney: Life in Photographs, un volumen sobre la vida de la fotógrafa y esposa del Beatle. Fue a primera mujer en firmar una portada para la Revista Rolling Stone y ahora recorremos foto a foto toda su carrera y su vida familiar. Descubre la edición coleccionista."— Glamour, Madrid, Spain
"This lovingly curated new volume, featuring forewards by both Paul McCartney and Annie Leibovitz, offers a portrait of Beatledom from a singularly intimate point of view: that of Paul’s wife of nearly three decades, the late Linda McCartney. While the couple’s famous friends – Mick Jagger, Steve McQueen, Willem de Kooning – are well represented, the fly-on-the-wall shots of the McCartneys’ idyllic intercontinental life are just as enthralling. But the real highlights are the images of Paul with John Lennon, capturing the electric chemistry and childlike joy that informed the Beatles’ greatest work."— Entertainment Weekly, New York, United States
"Her World In Pictures…With her lens, she captured the magic of ordinary moments in extraordinary lives…In the public imagination, Linda McCartney was so tightly wed to her legendary husband, Paul, that it was easy to forget she was an artist in her own right. A leading photographer of the late- 60s rock scene, McCartney, who died of breast cancer in 1998, snapped such greats as the Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin and the Doors. Some of her favorite subjects, though, were the rock stars in her own life: children Heather, Mary, Stella, and James and husband Paul. Here are some of the intimate moments featured in the new retrospective book Linda McCartney: Life in Photographs."— PEOPLE, New York, United States
"Der Fotografin gelingt eine so spürbare ungekünstelte Nähe, dass den Bildern etwas Zeitloses anhaftet. Es sind Momente der Vertrautheit, die in dieser Fotosammlung aneinandergereiht zu einem sehr persönlichen Tagebuch werden. Ein intensives, ruhiges Buch, mit dem man sich den Stunden des Abends überlassen kann, so wie früher den Songs von Paul."— Art, Hamburg, Germany
"Y si de retrato intimista –o no tanto, a tenor de las poses– se trata, la misma editorial nos sale al encuentro con Linda McCartney: Life in Photographs (50 euros), la historia con final feliz de esta recepcionista que se convirtió en una de las mejores portadistas de revistas como Rolling Stone, con apartado especial, por razones obvias, dedicado a los Beatles."— ABC, Madrid, Spain
"The 288-page tome is not only a intimate peek at family life with the McCartneys, playing and relaxing at their homes in Scotland, London and Arizona, but also a scrapbook of candid, behind-the-scenes shots of such figures and performers as the Doors, Willem de Kooning, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Tim Buckley, Michael Jackson and Johnny Depp…Those personal, tender images reflect happy, normal family moments, Paul and son James laughing in a tub immersed in bubbles or Paul in his bathrobe with the kids on their farm in Scotland."— Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, United States
"Linda McCartney: Life in Photographs charts the career of one of the most famous rock and roll wives in history. The books shows McCartney as a versatile and prolific photographer who was equally able to shoot music portraits and tender family pictures. Born Linda Eastman in New York, she began to establish a music photography career after taking informal images of the Rolling Stones at a promotional event in 1966. The following year she came to London, where she met and subsequently married Beatle Paul McCartney. The book also features images shot in more private moments, casting a gentle light on the McCartney’s family life."— Professional Photographer, London, United Kingdom
"This 288-page book showcases some of the most memorable photographs in rock ‘n’ roll history through the lens of Linda McCartney. Selected from an archive of more than 200,000 images by her husband Paul and daughters Stella and Mary, the photographs chart her career capturing the biggest rock stars of the 1960s and 1970s."— Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, United Arab Emirates
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Linda McCartney. Life in Photographs

Linda McCartney. Life in Photographs

Linda McCartney, Annie Leibovitz, Martin Harrison, Alison Castle
Hardcover, 10.4 x 14.7 in., 280 pages
$ 69.99

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Illustration by Robert Nippoldt
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