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"Un catalogo di fotografia in formato tascabile, così come sono tascabili le polaroid da cui è composto Il libro infatti raccoglie le migliori istantanee di artisti (ma anche di persone comuni) scattate negli ultimi vent'anni: ne risulta un caleidoscopio di immagini e colori, un puzzle di emozioni e racconti sul mondo, che parlano di viaggi, di ricerca stilistica o di bellezza. Dedicato agli appassionati di foto ma anche a chi ha voglia di sfogliare qualcosa di diverso."— Woman, Milano, Italy
"This interesting little book's only flaw is that it isn't much bigger."— Fashion Magazine, Toronto, Canada
“Polaroid has spent the past 50 years amazing a huge collection of images from around the world, now available in this terribly brilliant book. David Hockney, Helmut Newton, Jeanloup Sieff and more more are featured in a tribute to a medium that refuses to surrender to that pesky digital. This is one we really must recommend.”— Dazed & Confused, London, United Kingdom
„Die vorliegende Sammlung zeugt davon, dass das Sofortbildmaterial den Fotografen weder technisch noch kreativ eingeschränkt, sondern über mehr als 50 Jahre zu einem einmaligen, eigenständigen Medium geworden ist.“— EZ am Wochenende, Esslingen, Germany
„Insofern hat der neue Bildband The Polaroid Book etwas Rührendes: Er zeigt Sofortbilder aus der firmeneigenen Sammlung, die Fotos der letzten 50 Jahre umfasst. Eine Galerie der damals besonders gegenwärtigen Gegenwart; und heute, angesichts allgegenwärtiger Digitaltechnik, schon wieder ein Anachronismus. Es sind in diesem schicken Band renommierte Fotokünstler vertreten, von Ansel Adams über Helmut Newton und Fazal Sheikh bis Andy Warhol."— Welt am Sonntag, Berlin, Germany
“Professional photographers and happy snappers alike can rejoice in TASCHEN’s 25th anniversary edition of The Polaroid Book, published this month. This hardcover tome features over 400 works by the likes of David Hockney and Helmut Newton. The images are selected from an extraordinary archive begun 50 years ago by Polaroid founder Edwin Land and landscape photographer Ansel Adams.”— Wonderland, London, United Kingdom
"The humble Polaroid is celebrated here in this huge collection of some of the best examples of lo-fi photography around… here we find over 400 examples from household names such as David Hockney, Helmut Newton, Jeanloup Sieff and Robert Rauschenberg, as well as collections from the worlds of fashion, design and art. This is a beautiful coffee table book, packed with inspirational imagery and revealing subjects. And given the resurgence of Lumo-style imagery, it’s suited to designers looking to add a retro tinge to their work."— Computer Arts Projects, London, United Kingdom
"The Polaroid Book gibt einen Rückblick auf ein Stück Kulturgeschichte und auf eine Zeit, in der jedes Foto ein Unikat war. Zu sehen gibt es gestochen scharfe Portraits, einzigartige Manipulationen und Fotos, die aussehen wie feinste Gemälde."—, Wadern, Germany
“I have this book myself, and it is an addictive flipper for anyone who appreciates art, photography and the appeal of the nostalgic. From the private collection of the Polaroid <> company, see works by Ansel Adams, David Hockney and more.”—
"This catalogue of test Polaroids from the 60s until around the time of his death in ’04, affords a privileged peek into the process of creating some of the most iconic (and widely imitated) fashion images of all time."— D-Photo, Auckland, New Zealand
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The Polaroid Book

The Polaroid Book

Barbara Hitchcock, Steve Crist
Hardcover, 6.9 x 8.5 in., 352 pages
$ 14.99
Multilingual Edition: English, French, German
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