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GOAT sets whole new standards. Books such as these shatter conventions and exert a fascination often only associated with other branches: eccentric and unforgettable.”— Buchmarkt, Meerbusch, Germany
“I wanted to do something without being illustrative. I wanted it to show inclusion, transformation and grace.”— Jeff Koons
“Now arrives a project both inevitable and outlandish, the hyperbolic expression of an abundantly chronicled life.”— New York Times, New York, United States
“Destined to become a collector's item of extraordinary value.”— The Observer, London, United Kingdom
"There have been many books about Muhammad Ali. Too many. Now, at last, he has the book he deserves."— Observer Sports Monthly Magazine, London, United Kingdom
“This is a monument on paper, the most megalomaniacal book in the history of civilization, the biggest, heaviest, most radiant thing ever printed - Ali's last victory.”— Der Spiegel, Hamburg, on the original edition of GOAT, Germany
«Dans GOAT, il y a tout ce que j’attends, mais en plus grand. En énorme. Soudain, ma mémoire est surdimensionnée. Hyperréaliste...Je deviens grand. Le plus grand. Le plus grand de tous les temps. Greatest of All Time: GOAT— Le Figaro (Beaux livres), Paris, France
“Most comprehensive and ambitious book ever written on the 'Greatest of All Time' -Muhammad Ali. Full of stunning, never seen before photographs and articles, GOAT will fairly take your breath away with its sheer beauty and size. The book is a must-have collector's item with only 10,000 copies in existence, each individually signed by Muhammad Ali and Jeff Koons. GOAT is published by renowned publishing house TASCHEN which is known for its beautiful and unique publications.”— In Press, Manila, Philippines
"If anyone's legacy is more or less guaranteed to endure over time, thus making this terribly worth it - it's Ali's. That, and this is "the biggest, heaviest, most radiant thing ever printed in the history of civilization," as Der Spiegel put it...Come on, you know you want one."— Sharformen.com, Toronto, Canada
"TASCHEN triumphed himself with 2004's GOAT: A Tribute to Muhammad Ali, a 75 pound, 792 page, 20 x 20 inch tome lavishly illustrated with more than 3,000 images of the storied boxer (many rarely seen), serving as the final word on the sports legend and cultural phenomenon."— Ocean Drive, Miami, United States
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GOAT (Collector's Edition)


Hardcover in clamshell box with print, 19.7 x 19.7 in., 792 pages
$ 6,000
Edition: English
Availability: In Stock
  • My Favorite TASCHEN Book Is...
Naomi Campbell

"My favorite Book is GOAT! It represents Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali in every way, giving us great insight into what we have never seen before of one the most amazing boxers in history, as well as peacemaker and hostage-deal breaker!"
Illustration by Robert Nippoldt
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