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“One of the must have reference books for anyone who loves fashion and photography.”
— Telegraph, London, United Kingdom
"Women naked or dressed, portraits of the famous, and provocative mises-en-scène: 450 photographs by one of the greatest photographers of our time in a quite exceptional format."— Le Temps, Switzerland
"Basti pensare che su liveauctioneers.com, uno dei più cliccati siti d'asta della rete, la copia numero 3208 di una serie di diecimila esemplari del libro definitivo di Helmut Newton (Helmut Newton, TASCHEN) che insieme ad Avedon è il più grande fotografo di moda di tutti i tempi è in vendita a un valore minimo di partenza di 2.500 dollari e un valore effettivo stimato di 7.000. (...)— D La Repubblica delle Donne, Milano, Italy
"The sort of objects that make a house a home for the bachelor are a television with the dimensions of a tennis court; and encyclopedia library of x-box, P53 and Nintendo Wii games; one fridge full of beer (for himself) and another full of Louis Roederer Cristal ( for the female company he encounters in the numerous lounge bars of which he is an habitué); and the Helmut Newton Sumo book, opened at a suitably erotic image and displayed with some pride in the middle of the sitting room of his blazingly new Candy & Candy apartment."— New York Magazine, New York, United States
"Considered one of the masters of 20th-century fashion photography, larger than life photographer Helmut Newton could only have a book that resembles his work: bold, stunning, and brash. SUMO is a monstrous book measuring 20 inches-by-27 inches, weighing 66 pounds and containing over 464 intricately hand-picked photographs from his wife June Newton."— 944 Magazine, Los Angeles, United States
"Who to buy it for: Connoisseurs of high-class erotica."— The Independent, London, United Kingdom
"A lire et à regarder. L`exceptionnel SUMO, édité par TASCHEN et réalisé par June Newton. Edité en 10 000 exemplaires numérotés et signés, il est accompagné d`une table réalisée spécialement par Philippe Starck."— Idéat, Paris, France
Every day I look at you, SUMO,the more I love you. Still one of the best of TASCHEN.

— Otto A. de Jong, Netherlands
"Por 5 mil euros, este livro de grandes dimensoes traz bancada de exposiçao e tudo. Quer melhor maneira de mostrar aos convidados ue é uma Pessoa de facto interesante."— Economica, Lisabon, Portugal
"An apt title for the biggest book of the 20th century."— Voyager, London, United Kingdom
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Helmut Newton's SUMO (Collector's Edition)
Sold out

Helmut Newton's SUMO

Helmut Newton
Hardcover with book stand, 19.7 x 27.6 in., 464 pages
$ 18,000
  • My Favorite TASCHEN Book Is...
Michael Chow

"Of all the thousands of iconic books produced by TASCHEN, their greatest accomplishment is photographer Helmut Newton's Sumo. The sheer size and scale was an achievement in itself as it is the largest and most expensive book of the 20th century. In order to produce such a book, one needs vision and courage, not to mention the technical side of manufacturing and marketing."
Illustration by Robert Nippoldt
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