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NYT. 36 Hours. Asia & Oceania (eBook)
Rembrandt (Basic Art Series, TASCHEN 25 Edition)
TASCHEN 365. Day-by-Day. Surfing (TASCHEN 25 Edition)
Kate Moss by Mario Testino (TASCHEN 25 Edition)

NYT. 36 Hours. Asia & Oceania


TASCHEN 365. Day-by-Day. Surfing

Kate Moss by Mario Testino

eBook for iPad and iPhone, 300 pages
$ 11.99
Hardcover, 9.4 x 11.8 in., 96 pages
$ 14.99
Hardcover, 6.7 x 8.5 in., 736 pages
$ 29.99
Softcover with flaps, 9.8 x 13.6 in., 232 pages
New edition, only $ 39.99
Original edition $ 700
Sun, spice, sushi: dream weekends with practical itineraries in Asia & Oceania. iPad & iPhone version
A mirror of the artistic and intellectual developments of the 17th century

“Those keen and steady eyes, that we know so well from Rembrandt’s self-portraits, must have been able to look straight into the human heart.”
—Ernst H. Gombrich
Surf’s up! Wake up on the cusp of a wave
Fashion’s dynamic duo: Mario Testino’s tribute to his greatest muse. New edition with full original content in a smaller size

“Mario took me to a new level of glamour. I don’t think anybody had seen me as any kind of sexy model before he did. He was the one that transformed me.”
—Kate Moss
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