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Ai Weiwei (Collector's Edition)
All-American Ads of the 40s (TASCHEN 25 Edition)
An American Odyssey (XL-Format)
Araki by Araki (TASCHEN 25 Edition)

Ai Weiwei

All-American Ads of the 40s

An American Odyssey

Araki by Araki

Hardcover wrapped in a silk scarf, 13.0 x 17.3 in., 724 pages
$ 1,500
Hardcover, 8.3 x 10.8 in., 704 pages
$ 39.99
Hardcover with fold-outs, 11.4 x 15.6 in., 612 pages
$ 200
Hardcover, 9.2 x 13.4 in., 568 pages
New edition, only $ 69.99
Original edition $ 1,750
Limited and numbered edition of 1,000 copies (No. 101-1,100). Each edition is signed by the artist and wrapped in a silk scarf reproduction of Ai Weiwei’s work Straight, a reference to the Sichuan earthquake of 2008. This comprehensive book was made in close collaboration with Ai Weiwei and features paper cut chapter openers designed by the artist, numerous previously unseen images from his archive, as well as statements on his work from exclusive interviews.
Tracing 1940s America through advertising, this new hardcover collection edited by Jim Heimann follows the ads of the United States through the propaganda of war to the mass consumerism of peace.

“The ads themselves, besides being graphically stunning, are as eloquent about mid-century Americans as any eyewitness report.”
The Wall Street Journal, New York
Produced by the Detroit Photographic Company between 1888 and 1924, these rediscovered Photochrom and Photostint postcard images are the very first color pictures of North America. Covering people, places and legendary locales, they provide an epic panorama of the New World of our past. 
Now available as a TASCHEN standard edition with updated appendix, this spellbinding collection of Nobuyoshi Araki's work showcases his best-known subjects: sensual, colorful flowers, and women tied up in kinbaku, the Japanese art of bondage.

“This book reveals everything about me. Photography is love and death—that’ll be my epitaph.”
—Nobuyoshi Araki
Architectural Theory – England, Germany and the 20th Century (eBook)
Arts & Architecture 1945-49 (TASCHEN 25 Edition)
The Curse of Lono (TASCHEN 25 Edition)
Film Noir. 100 All-Time Favorites (TASCHEN 25 Edition)

Architectural Theory – England, Germany and the 20th Century

Arts & Architecture 1945-49

The Curse of Lono

Film Noir. 100 All-Time Favorites

eBook for iPad, 426 pages
$ 13.99
Hardcover, 9.8 x 12.6 in., 632 pages
New edition, only $ 69.99
Original edition $ 700
Hardcover, 8.2 x 10.8 in., 208 pages
New edition, only $ 29.99
Original edition $ 300
Hardcover, 8.5 x 10.8 in., 688 pages
$ 49.99
The treatises which shaped the structures in which we live, work and play. All the most groundbreaking essays on architecture from England, Germany and the 20th century, each accompanied by insightful contemporary commentaries, interactive images and galleries including ground plans, design schemes and lithographs.
Ambitious and engaged, Arts & Architecture magazine celebrated change and innovation across politics, society and especially culture. This selection from the magazine's first five years features the complete covers and has a special focus on the groundbreaking Case Study House Program, one of the most unique and influential events in the history of American architecture.
Hunter S. Thompson’s and Ralph Steadman’s most zany, most eccentric, most surreal gonzo masterpiece. A new quarter-bound edition in a fresh, smaller size.

The Curse of Lono is the oddball, an unclassifiable mix of fiction, reportage, mythologies and manic surrealism.”
The Independent, London
TASCHEN’s 100 all-time favorite film noirs and neo-noirs: from The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari to Drive. With an introduction by film director and Taxi Driver screenwriter Paul Schrader, this encyclopedia of private eyes, gangsters, psychopaths and femmes fatales includes original poster reproductions, film analyses, and rare stills galore. 
The First World War in Colour
The Age of Innocence. Football in the 1970s
Game Changers. The Evolution of Advertising (eBook)
Hadid. Complete Works 1979–2013 (eBook)

The First World War in Colour

The Age of Innocence. Football in the 1970s

Game Changers. The Evolution of Advertising

Hadid. Complete Works 1979–2013

Hardcover, 8.3 x 11.2 in., 384 pages
$ 59.99
Hardcover, 10.2 x 13.4 in., 300 pages
$ 59.99
eBook for iPad, 229 pages
$ 13.99
eBook for iPad, 484 pages
$ 13.99
iBookstore iBookstore
One hundred years after the start of the First World War, this revelatory collection brings together for the first time the only colour photographs of the First World War. Assembled from archives in Europe, the United States and Australia, these autochrome images were taken across all frontiers of the conflict by a small, pioneering group of photographers such as Paul Castelnau and Charles C. Zoller. 
A dazzling celebration of the world's most popular sport in its most glorious decade. With breathtaking photographs and texts from award-winning football writers, this is a passionate tribute to the golden age of legendary matches, serious sideburns, and such original soccer superstars as Beckenbauer, Best, Cruyff, and Pelé.
Explore seven decades of gamechanging commercials with this eBook celebration of the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, a global benchmark for excellence in creative communications. With an introduction from Arianna Huffington and eyewitness accounts from the likes of David Bailey, Paula Green, David Droga and Lee Clow.
Interactive plans and images, 3D model videos, in-depth texts and Hadid’s own drawings cover more than three decades of her groundbreaking work in architecture, interiors and furniture design.
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