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TASCHEN's New York. 2nd Edition (Jumbo)

TASCHEN's New York. 2nd Edition

Hardcover with thumb index, 9.4 x 11.9 in., 392 pages
$ 39.99
In New York, it’s all about who you know: and now you’re connected. With this updated version of our city guide in hand, the Big Apple is yours for the biting. Cut-out tabs make it easy to flip through, and a pocket-sized map of Manhattan lists all the recommendations for hotels, shops, restaurants, cafes, and bars.

“Get it booked – shop, sleep and eat like a native New Yorker.”
Stylist, London
NYT. 36 Hours. Asia & Oceania

NYT. 36 Hours. Asia & Oceania

Flexicover, clothbound, with ribbon bookmarks, 6.6 x 9.4 in., 300 pages
$ 29.99
Dream weekends with practical itineraries throughout Asia & Oceania
National Geographic. Around the world in 125 years
Editor in charge
Stephanie Paas completed her studies in business economics at the University of Cologne. As Project Manager, she has been responsible for TASCHEN's hotel and interior-design books since 2002.