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"Belles pages...Phoenix, Park City, Cincinnati mais aussi Harlem, Brooklyn ou Pittsburg: 150 villes nord-américaines passées au crible. Que faire, quoi voir en 36 heures? Petites adresses pour pauses gourmandes ou escales culturelles: tout a été vu, décrypté et raconté par les journalistes du New York Times. Une Bible!"— The Good Life, Paris, France
"36 Hours, c’est le nom de la chronique travel du New York Times que l’on se refile les veilles de week-end. Un des reporters chevronnés du quotidien passe une ville au peigne fin: bars, restos, spas, hôtels, rien ne lui échappe…Voilà que TASCHEN sort une sélection des 150 meilleures 36 Hours aux Etats-Unis et au Canada: 5 400 heures de bonheur."— Jalouse, Paris, France
"This mega-guidebook is a handsomely designed, 744-page collaboration between the New York Times and Germany's inimitable TASCHEN publishing house. It's about the size and heft of a college-edition dictionary, and its intended audience—the literate, haute bourgeoisie who read the Times travel section—will find it as handy as a dictionary… the agile designers at TASCHEN have even included indented thumb-tabs to mark section divisions—again like a dictionary. Also built-in bookmarks—five pastel ribbons—like those in a Bible… 36 Hours cheerfully and bossily sends us out on our little tours each Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, hour by hour, on each of the 150 weekend destinations. Is there a living traveler on earth who would actually do that? Consult a textbook, morning, noon, and night? Still, 36 Hours contains an enormity of tips and addresses, most of which, I assume, are true."— PerceptiveTravel.com, United States
"A hefty, yet elegant collection of some of the New Yorkers 36 hours columns, bound in to one perfect little book. The charming illustrations are by Italian illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli."— Lagom Design, London, United Kingdom
"Teachers — like parents — survive the hardest days by dreaming of great escapes (however brief). Give them fodder for imagined and real trips alike with TASCHEN’s compilation of The New York Times column known for insider tips on experiencing the best of a destination in just a day and a half."— Daily Candy.com, United States
“Illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli began working on this series for publisher TASCHEN three years ago. The first book was 36 Hours: 150 Weekends in the USA & Canada. Zagnoli worked closely with a team at TASCHEN to create the whole package of the book, picking the colors, designing the maps and choosing icons appropriate to each city…’The book itself is a beautiful object, I love the choice of the fabric cover and the lovely detail of colored bookmarks. Everyone seems to enjoy it very much, and it’s just the perfect gift for people of all ages.’”— Communication Arts.com, New York, United States
“You’re in the USA or Canada with 36 hours to spare, where do you go? This New York Times guide to the perfect long weekend is an across-the-pond bible. Yes, it’s word-heavy, but with grooves for your fingers and placemarking ribbons for maps and city guides, you’ll never be short of inspiration. From the urban havnen of NYC to Canada’s snowy Nordic landscapes and Hawaii’s volcanoes, it’ll have you itching for your passport so you can visit quirky museums, go dive-bar hopping and see breathtaking beauty spots. If only schoolbooks had been this captivating.”— Stylist, London, United Kingdom
“For the grad not following the backpacking-through-Europe trend, this is a must-reference compilation of must-see territories in North America.”— Tullahoma News, Tullahoma, United States
“Get out of town for a whirlwind weekend with the help of these compilations.”— Chicago Sun Times, Chicago, United States
“Elegant. Classy. Stylish. These are words one might not associate with a travel book, but the New York Times 36 Hours is not an ordinary travel book. Well-written and researched for the traveller seeking a different experience, these books are filled with illustrations and photograph as well as maps and recommendations. This is a guidebook any traveller would be proud to see on the table in a Parisian restaurant while ordering the main course.”— The Glare, London, United Kingdom
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NYT. 36 Hours. USA & Canada

NYT. 36 Hours. USA & Canada

Barbara Ireland
Flexicover, clothbound, with ribbon bookmarks and thumb index, 6.6 x 9.4 in., 744 pages
$ 39.99

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