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"100 Interiors Around The World does what it says on the cover. But what sets this two-volume tome apart from other interior publications is its global perspective – it uses generously sized images to make observations on the way the world’s (more fortuitous) residents choose to live. As with many TASCHEN books, this one is all about the images. You get to gawp at homes from Russia to Brazil, China to Cuba and Cape Town to Marrakech. […] While few of us will live in locations like those on show here, there is design inspiration on every page!"— Midcentury Magazine, London, United Kingdom
„Dieser Doppelband versammelt 100 faszinierende Wohnbeispiele unterschiedlichster Stilrichtungen aus aller Welt. Ein Kompendium zeitgenössischer Wohnkultur.”— interia, Gütersloh, Germany
“This alphabetically ordered compendium of some of the most awe-inspiring interiors in the world – from penthouses to villas – will stir your inner interior designer, inspiring you to make some exotic changes to your own abode.”— Sunseeker Magazine, London, United Kingdom
"TASCHEN recently published 100 Interiors Around the World, a two-volume collection of photographs that showcases houses, early contemporary through modern, across five continents. The locations of these houses could hardly be more diverse. They range from a Singapore tower block to the idyllic landscape of rocks and pine trees surrounding one family’s home in Stockholm... But whether the homes are historic or brand new, these interiors exhibit the effects of an aesthetic evolution that has been shaping our built world for more than 100 years."— Financial Times, London, United Kingdom
„Wollt Ihr in 100 Wohnungen um die Welt reisen?... Jules Verne hätte diesen Bildband geliebt... In zwei monumentalen Bänden erlaubt der TASCHEN-Verlag seinen Lesern einen kleinen Blick in die Heimat anderer Menschen... Jetzt will ich Euch dieses Wunderwerk nicht vorenthalten.”www.hollightly.de, Karlsruhe, Germany
«Le tour du monde en 100 intérieurs, par ordre alphabétique, tel est le voyage que nous proposent les prestigieuses éditions TASCHEN... Chacun des 100 intérieurs sélectionnés est présenté au moyen de superbes photos et d’un court texte de présentation, en anglais, allemand et français. Il est amusant de choisir une page au hasard et de deviner dans quel pays peut bien se trouver tel salon ou telle cuisine... Paradoxalement, la vue de ses intérieurs par définition casaniers donne une irrépressible envie de voyager.»— Propriété, Switzerland
"Si parte da Acapulco e si finisce a Zurigo. Con tappa a Mosca, Miami e Biarritz, Hong Kong o Cape Town. Missione: scovare le case più sorprendenti. È un giro del mondo, tra interni unici, idee creative e design d'autore, quello suggerito dal cofanetto 100 Interiors Around the World (TASCHEN)... Dall'art déco al barocco, dal rustico al classico, dall'antico al contemporaneo, spaziando dal loft newyorkese arredato con pezzi d'arte contemporanea al colorato ecclettismo argentino, un giro del mondo tra le case più sorprendenti."— L'Espresso, Roma, Italy
“Il giro del mondo in tanti fantastici ambienti.”— Casa Facile, Milano, Italy
“For anyone whose influences are culled from all corners of the globe; this beautiful book will make a perfect gift.”— The Style King, London, United Kingdom
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100 Interiors Around the World (Jumbo, TASCHEN 25 Edition)

100 Interiors Around the World

Hardcover, 2 vols. in slipcase, 9.4 x 12.4 in., 720 pages
$ 59.99
Multilingual Edition: English, French, German
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