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“The perfect gift for design fans.”— Metro, London, United Kingdom
"From New York walls adorned with contemporary art to rustic minimalism in Argentina, this two-volume tome rounds up the worlds most inspiring homes."— Evening Standard – ES Magazine, London, United Kingdom
"5 reasons to read
1. This two-volume collection features a diverse selection of dwellings across the globe.
2. It takes a detailed look at 100 interiors, showcasing a wide variety of styles from low-key rustic to progressive urban homes.
3. It’s a masterclass in how to live well, using the trappings of a life to make a unique environment.
4. The beautifully photographed rooms offer much inspiration, from the book-lined and pop art adored walls of a New York apartment to a palate of grays in a Paris home.
5. It’s a homage to individuality and attention to detail in all corners of the world, from Asia to America."
— Irish Tatler, Dublin, Ireland
„Informativ, unterhaltsam, zum Nachmachen anregend: dieser opulent gestaltete Schuber versammelt Häuser und Apartments von Acapulco bis Zürich zu einem Panorama des globalen Einrichtens.”— CI-Magazin, Darmstadt, Germany
"Prolific style publisher, TASCHEN, has just published a lavish new double-volume book showcasing some of the world's most striking homes."www.yourhomeislovely.com, United Kingdom
"These books are for those moments of me time. Those moments when all is well with the world and I can slip away and immerse myself in beautiful images. Images that imprint onto my imagination and allow me to travel and plan and dream, and an hour slips by in an instant."— My-Medina Bookclub, Manila, Philippines
"TASCHEN, the publisher of Brobdingnagian art and design books, has collected 100 interiors in two hefty volumes, like an Oxford English Dictionary of global interiors."— The New York Times, New York, United States
"TASCHEN’s latest release is a hefty, two-volume tour of, as the title suggests, 100 Interiors Around the World. Organized alphabetically, the set gives the reader a peek into a hundred breathtaking houses, apartments, penthouses and villas from Acapulco to Zurich, fourteen of which are located in Paris alone... as you page through spectacular home after home in locations both exotic and familiar, you start to notice that while they each reflect local tastes and traditions, certain international influences pervade even the most regional abodes."— Core77.com, New York, United States
"Here’s another winner from publishing powerhouse TASCHEN: 100 Interiors Around the World – a two volume hardcover set featuring 720 inspirational and authentic pages... a wonderful gift for design enthusiasts."— Styleledger.com, New York, United States
"For their latest book... TASCHEN scoured the globe in search of the most captivating, diverse interior designs, resulting in a book that is both beautiful and inspiring."— The Interior Collective, North Hollywood, United States
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100 Interiors Around the World (Jumbo)

100 Interiors Around the World

Hardcover, 2 vols. in slipcase, 9.4 x 12.4 in., 720 pages
$ 59.99
Multilingual Edition: English, French, German
Availability: In Stock
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