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"The first volume of Angelika Taschen's new series on contemporary interiors features some of the world's most interesting apartments and houses... these are homes, residences, hideaways, and studios designed to impress, no matter what your taste. It's a real source of inspiration... there are hundreds of provocative ideas in a book that cuts out the theory in order to show as many photographs as possible..."— Designer Magazine, London, United Kingdom
"Angelika Taschen präsentiert Häuser, Residenzen, Refugien und Studios in aller Welt, die den Betrachter - unabhängig vom eigenen Geschmack - zuweilen erstaunen und meist begeistern werden. Der Streifzug gibt Auskunft über die vielfältige Art zu wohnen, führt zu minimalistischen Landhäusern, exquisiten Penthouses, extravaganten Fantasy-Refugien."— Good Life, Wien, Austria
"Buchtipp: Angelika Taschen präsentiert in dem Band über zeitgemäßes Wohnen Häuser, Residenzen, Refugien und Studios aller Welt, die den Betrachter - unabhängig vom eigenen Geschmack - zuweilen erstaunen und meist begeistern werden."— Good Life, Wien, Austria
"Stuck in a style rut? You'll find plenty of inspiration in this beautiful book. From expert minimalism through to luxuriant neo-baroque, it covers a broad range of contemporary homes. Highlights include the abodes of heavyweight Roberto Cavalli, art collector Christian Boros and style guru Fabien Baron."— Insite Magazine, Australia, Australia
"This book is the first in a series on contemporary interiors in various cultures around the world. The styles range from a modest apartment in Mumbai that features bright red floors and recycled railway sleepers to a biomorphic cave-like interior in Mexico City. The houses, residences, apartments and studios presented aim to represent a cross-section of personal tastes and styles, hoping to inspire and astonish the designer or homeowner. Peppered with photographic portraits of the designers and owners, this book is about representing the personal element that is integral to the design of one's home. It is the imagery of the book that is most appealing, but a short blurb on the concept or style of the interior is presented in English, German and French."— Houses Magazine, South Melbourne, Australia
"Die gelungene Publikation Interiors Now! vom TASCHEN Verlag präsentiert dem Leser 46 Beispiele von individuell gestaltetem Wohnraumdesign. Die Häuser und Appartements stammen aus beinahe allen Teilen der Erde. Dabei ist die stilistische Vielfalt enorm. Dieses Buch steckt voller neuer Ideen auch für die eigene Wohnraumgestaltung. ... Wer nicht von der Stange wohnen möchte, für den ist dieses Buch genau richtig."—, Duisburg, Germany
"Si quieres inspiración búscala en Interiors Now!."— XL Semanal, Madrid, Spain
"The Now series for TASCHEN has been hugely successful and in it's high time we saw an interior series. The first volume sets a decent pace by delivering the Now philosophy with an abundance of clearly delivered, up-to-the-minute projects. It's a good strategy as it does not interrupt the dialogue of interior design evolution with theories, but allows the work to speak for itself."— Inside Interior Design Magazine, Melbourne, Australia
"It's a glitzy game of through the keyhole. From Antwerp to Zurich via Chiang Mai, Copenhagen, Mumbai, Tokyo and lots more, Angelika Taschen's new series on contemporary interiors stars some of the coolest - most tasteful and interesting - homes on the planet. TASCHEN's contacts book is impressive. There's the minimal Swedish country house of Fabien Baron, the French Vogue creative director and tastemaker, which was designed by John Pawson. Roberto Cavalli's Milanese dramatic apartment is a perfect reflection of his flamboyant personality. The rich variety is the most exciting aspect. From the flea market romance to arch minimalism, there is a fantastic array of the great - and the beautifully illustrated - interiors ideas to snaffle. You might need a few bob to match this lot, though."— Image Interiors Magazine, London, United Kingdom
"Whether you're looking to decorate your home with stylish furniture and artifacts or simply want to soak in the panache with which each of these interior designs have been articulated, you will find something to love as you turn the pages of Interiors Now!"— Luxury Home Design Magazine, Sydney, Australia
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Interiors Now! 1 (Midi-Format)

Interiors Now! 1

Angelika Taschen
Flexicover with flaps, 7.7 x 9.8 in., 416 pages
$ 39.99

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