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“Being the travel-loving people that we are, we like to know the ins and outs of a destination before we get there, but we don’t just want a dull travel guide that tells us the basics. We’re intrepid explorers, born to seek out the coolest stuff wherever we go (that’s what I like to think, anyway) and we want to know where to find the most delicious restaurants, the best shops, the newest up-and-coming areas. Though many guide books are - to be frank - a bit rubbish, a few great ones exist that are just as interesting and inspiring to look at as they are to read. We already told you about the illustrated city guides by Herb Lester Associates and here is another personal favourite; the series of TASCHEN city guides. The books (so far) only cover four cities - London, New York, Berlin and Paris but they’re excellent references for hotels, shopping and eating in those cities. They’re full of gorgeous illustrations and holiday-porn photography, there’s even a handy folding map that clearly pinpoints all of the places mentioned in the book. The best thing about the TASCHEN guides? You don’t even have to be going anywhere to enjoy them - they’re so visually delicious that they’ll make great additions to your coffee table book collection and will serve armchair travelers well.“— Secret Escapes members website, London, United Kingdom
“The publishing house TASCHEN is noted for lavish art books for all budgets, from four-figure limited editions to affordable pocket-sized editions…Four Cities is a curious hybrid, a slipcased set of 12 modest softcover books full of travel tips for the well-heeled traveller bound for New York, London, Paris, and Berlin. Separate guides for hotels, restaurants, and shops are provided for each city, and multilingual descriptions are provided for French and German speakers. I have travelled to three of the showcased cities but was hard pressed to find more than a handful of hotels in the entire series I could afford to even consider. Yet there are a few relatively inexpensive surprises among the haute couture houses and four-star hotels, and the handsome presentation, from illustration to photography, makes this one of the more attractive options for the armchair traveler.”— Blogcritics.org
"Parigi, Berlino, Londra e New York: quattro destinazioni in 12 volumi perchè ogni città è divisa in hotel, ristoranti e negozi. In italiano, spagnolo e portoghese, ogni indirizzo è illustrato con molte foto, una descrizione e tutte le indicazioni pratiche necessarie."— Bell'Europa, Milano, Italy
“TASCHEN’s new cute set of guidebooks come in a light and handy-sized package, and are split into the bits of the city you need; London by hotels, London by restaurants, cafes and bars, London by shops and so on. Cities covered so far are Berlin, Paris and New York as well as London. With plenty of photographs so you can see what to expect. Jetsetters will want to snap up the entire boxed set.”— Quantas In-flight Magazine, Sydney, Australia
"Un guide capital(e). Les éditions TASCHEN regroupent en un coffret leurs guides Paris, Berlin, New York et Londres. Des petits formats au design original qui recensent le meilleur des hôtels, restaurants et boutiques."— Direct Avignon Plus, Marseille, France
“Las direcciones más cool de Paris, Berlín, New York y Londres en 12 libritos.”— Woman, Barcelona, Spain
“Muévete con estilo. Explora a fondo cuatro ciudades –Berlín, Paris, New York y Londres con las nuevas guías TASCHEN , con tres volúmenes dedicados a cada una de ellas que recogen hoteles, restaurantes y tiendas más cool.”— TELVA, Madrid, Spain
“This box set would make a great gift to yourself, or for a jet-setting friend. Packed full with specially commissioned photography and stylish illustrations and maps. These books are a pleasure to own, start planning your next trip now!”— The Market, London, United Kingdom
„Die handlichen Büchlein sind genauso stylish aufgemacht, wie die feinen Adressen darin, die man mit Hilfe der gezeichneten Karten ganz leicht findet.“— Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, Heidelberg, Germany
„Paris, London, Berlin und New York. Das sind wohl die Top-Reiseziele der Europäer. Der TASCHEN-Verlag hat nach seiner erfolgreichen Stadtreiseführer-Reihe nun die gesamte Kollektion in einem 4 Cities"-Schuber veröffentlicht. Natürlich stylisch wie immer.“— news.at, Wien, Austria
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TASCHEN 4 Cities

TASCHEN 4 Cities

Flexicover, 12 vols. in slipcase, 4.7 x 6.5 in., 1536 pages
$ 59.99
Multilingual Edition: English, French, German
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