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„Nun ist die komplette Kollektion in einem hübsch gestalteten Schuber mit insgesamt zwölf Bänden erhältlich, die einzeln zudem praktischerweise in jede Tasche passen und sich so auch als informative Reisebegleiter eignen.“— Kreiszeitung Wesermarsch, Nordenham, Germany
“Berlim, Londres, Nova Iorque e Paris. São estas as quatro cidades escolhidas pelareconhecida editora alemã TASCHEN para figurarem na versão de bolso da sua colecção de luxuosos guias. A caixa da Taschen 4 Cities inclui 12 volumes - três para cada destino, com foco na gastronomia, alojamento e compras. Os mapas incluídos não dispensam cor e, sublinhe-se, são desenhados à mão.”— Fugas, Público, Lisbon, Portugal
“A editora germânica TASCHEN preparou uma coleção de guias de viagem em formato de bolso das cidades de Paris, Londres, Berlim e Nova Iorque. Custam 40 euros, e têm mapas desenhados à mão.”— Alma de Viajante, Lisbon, Portugal
“Whenever we take a family city trip, I search the NY Times archives for a possible 36 Hours article on the place we’re visiting. Love the focus, the format, the concise descriptions of places which are usually spot on. So it was all too natural that they would compile some of their best weekly columns in a book, published by TASCHEN.”— Bozaround.com
“TASCHEN make beautiful, strokeable books (seriously, try it) and this latest travel compendium is no exception…Ok, so you might not be going to the States for a weekend but for extensive tips about where to eat, stay, drink and what to do in between, at 150 North American location can be just as useful on a longer roadtrip. If you’re more of a shorthaul typo, the European version is due next year. If you’re a diehard homebody, just enjoy the beautiful illustrated and designed pages from you coffee table.”— Esquire website, London, United Kingdom
“Taschen 4 Cities Travel Guides: Travelers can navigate NYC, London, Paris and Berlin like insiders with this collection of pocket-sized guides to the cities’ top hotels, restaurants and shops.”— USA Network, New York, United States
“Sin secretos. El estuche alberga 12 volúmenes, tres por cada urbe, que propone una selección de los mejores hoteles, restaurantes y tiendas.”— Fuera de Serie, Expansión, Madrid, Spain
"Parigi, Berlino, Londra e New York: i fondamentali ci sono tutti, divisi per hotel, ristoranti bar e caffè, negozi. Divisi per davvero: un mini-manuale per "specialità", che moltiplicato per le quattro città forse più visitate al mondo fa 12 mini-volumi. La bellezza grafica del cofanetto che TASCHEN manda in libreria in questi giorni è ammaliante. Olaf Hajek, tedesco prestato ai marchi e alle case editrici più blasonate a livello internazionale, è forse uno degli illustratori più bravi oggi, ed è riuscito a rivestire copertine e cartonato con un collage, allo stesso tempo vintage e postmoderno, di simboli cult, mentre i colori dominanti del layout - un lilla, un verde, un turchese lucidissimi eppure riposanti - ne esaltano la grazia e l'eleganza."— La Repubblica, Roma, Italy
“Far too beautiful to stuff in a suitcase, TASCHEN’s new city-guide compendium, 4 Cities, includes three drool-inducing tomes on each of Berlin, London, Paris and New York. Featuring whimsically-illustrated maps and stunning photographs of their hippest hotels, restaurants and shops, this gorgeous box is guaranteed to have you reaching for your laptop and booking a jaunt.”— Sunday Times travel magazine, London, United Kingdom
“A few years ago, TASCHEN, the world’s most successful publisher of coffee-table books, face-lifted the concept of travel guidebooks by designing lushly printed surveys of the major cities. This year, the company released TASCHEN 4 Cities, a box set of edited, pocket-sized editions of its guides for Paris, New York, London and Berlin. Each city is covered in three separate volumes, focusing on hotels, restaurants and shop. All written by Berlin based Angelika Taschen, the dozen books feature luscious photographs and well-curated recommendations. As a bonus, these slim paperbacks have subtly illustrated covers that won’t scream “tourist” when you whip them out in public.”— BBC Travel website, London, United Kingdom
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TASCHEN 4 Cities

TASCHEN 4 Cities

Flexicover, 12 vols. in slipcase, 4.7 x 6.5 in., 1536 pages
$ 14.99 ($ 59.99)
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