Mother India goes to the movies

Hand-painted movie posters that made Bollywood a winner

Since its inception in the second decade of the 20th century, the Bombay-based Indian film industry—Bollywood—has developed a unique visual language, articulated by the vivid hand-painted movie posters that have since become highly-desirable collectors’ items. While Bollywood poster artists produced a staggering number of these hand-painted images, their ephemeral work has traditionally been presented unevenly, with shoddy reprints and re-release posters. The Art of Bollywood digs deeper into the tradition, presenting the original art in its true glory—from seldom-seen posters to rare images of street publicity and cinema displays. The text provides a detailed discussion of the works of key artists, in this comprehensive overview of a previously neglected and underrated artistic genre.
The editor:
Paul Duncan has edited 50 film books for TASCHEN, including the award-winning The Ingmar Bergman Archives, and authored Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick in the Film Series.

The authors:
Edo Bouman is a researcher and collector of Indian film posters and Indian film music, and runs the Amsterdam-based record label Bombay Connection, which specializes in South Asian film scores and soundtracks.

Rajesh Devraj is a writer and filmmaker based in Mumbai, India. He has worked in advertising and television, and is the author of several screenplays.
The Art of Bollywood

The Art of Bollywood

Paul Duncan, ,
Hardcover, 9.1 x 11.4 in., 192 pages
$ 29.99

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"Una straordinaria testimonianza cinematografica oltre che un colpo d'occhio capace di rendere giustizia al Paese a cui si ispira, l'India. Per questo The Art of Bollywood è consigliabile sia ai semplici curiosi sia agli esperti della materia, nello specifico le locandine che da quasi sessant'anni anticipano i film provenienti dall'industria di celluloide con base a Bombay. Originali e coloratissimi, spesso dipinti a mano, con il tempo questi poster hanno sviluppato un proprio linguaggio visivo che, soprattutto per noi occidentali, è ancora tutto da scoprire."
— Film Tv, Milano, Italy
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