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"Wonder… if anybody will ever be as beautiful as Audrey Hepburn again, in this collector’s edition book by Hollywood photographer Bob Willoughby… See movie stills, behind the scenes moments on-set and some more private shots of this screen beauty at her most enrapturing."— Irish Tatler, Dublin, Ireland
"From the fine folks at TASCHEN comes a formidable volume not for the faint of heart (or wallet) — Bob Willoughby, Audrey Hepburn: Photographs 1953-1966 is a lavish collector’s edition of 1,000 hand-numbered copies that comes at a hefty 14 pounds and even heftier 0 price tag."—
"Audrey Hepburn's timeless style continues to inspire, most recently with the release of a new book by photographer Bob Willoughby titled Bob Willoughby: Audrey Hepburn, out today. 'She took my hand…well, like a princess, and dazzled me with that smile that God designed to melt mortal men's hearts', said the shutterbug, who followed her from her career start in the 1950s to the height of her 'My Fair Lady fame'. The new tome by TASCHEN features 280 pages worth of shots of the private actress, many never before seen."—, New York, United Kingdom
"With her delicate chignon and neat eye-liner Audrey Hepburn is certainly a beauty icon. This book showcases a selection of rarely seen and beautiful portraits captured during both her private and professional life by friend and esteemed photographer Bob Willoughby."— Vantage, London, United Kingdom
"The (Hepburn) picture taken by Bob Willoughby, Hepburn’s favourite Hollywood shutterbug, is one of many images, both candid and posed, in his new book homage to her, Audrey Hepburn: Photographs 1953-1966. Over close to 300 sumptuous pages, the lensman’s mastery of the photographic film still is in full evidence, documenting Hepburn as she worked on some of her most celebrated films, including My Fair Lady, The Children’s Hour and Two for the Road. As irresistible as these pictures are, however, it’s the more intimate moments that Willoughby captures – Hepburn enjoying a cigarette break in her My Fair Lady ball attire, Hepburn with her infant son, Hepburn and Ip – that prove most revealing."— The Globe and Mail, Toronto, Canada
"This book beautifully depicts, in 180 images and descriptions, the ‘magic warmth that was hers alone’, enabling the viewer to fall for the same refinement and loveliness as Willoughby did over half a century ago."— Remix, Auckland, New Zealand
"Willoughby’s camera captures the very essence of the movie business, the grind behind the glitz, and the pressure on a woman trying to survive in a cut-throat and unforgiving industry."— State Magazine, London, United Kingdom
"This 280-page book includes off-screen pictures of Hepburn – some of them intimate portraits of her family at home – and on set during the making of her films, including My Fair Lady and Two for the Road. It’s a unique collection of photos of one of the 20th Century’s most loveable movie stars, taken by one Hollywood’s most accomplished photographers."— World Magazine, New Zealand
"In this latest book – called simply Bob Willoughby: Audrey Hepburn (published by TASCHEN), and released three years after his death in 2009 – we are treated to a showcase of both rare and famous images of Hepburn throughout her storied career."— Reader’s Digest, Australia
“Opening this book I found… her beauty still reached out to me. It is a photographer’s love affair with his camera on a woman who was part sprite, part human.”— The American, London, United Kingdom
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Bob Willoughby. Audrey Hepburn

Bob Willoughby. Audrey Hepburn

Hardcover, 11.2 x 14.1 in., 280 pages
$ 69.99

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