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"Considering the price this hard cover is, you’re getting an absolute bargain for the content within. The book is very heavy, more than capable of breaking feet, or crushing small animals that happen to get in the way of its fall."—, United Kingdom
"Ein Mammutbuch für wahre Cineasten, das Kubricks Mammutwerk absolut gerecht wird."— Widescreen, Fürth, Germany
"Everyone worked three times as hard on a Kubrick film as they did on any other, and Kubrick himself worked harder than anyone…This is nowhere more evident than in what exists of Kubrick’s unfilmed Napoleon, the Great White Whale of his career and the consuming passion of his life. The director…spent most of the late 1960s and early 1970s creating the most impressive personal archive of Napoleonic history in the world…This handsome new volume by TASCHEN, however, offers an extraordinary selection from Kubrick’s meticulous Napoleon archives that suggest what the film might have been, had it been made. It features a series of essays on the film, on Kubrick and on cinematic treatments of the Napoleonic era, a selection of period artworks, photographs of about 100 or so of the library cards, another hundred or so location stills, costume mock-ups and selections from Kubrick’s own correspondence. The real jewel here, though, is a reproduction of the 1969 screenplay of the film. By turns fascinating and frustrating, the screenplay’s clearest strength is its clarity and the assurance with which it handles its complex subject. A film that could have been nothing but a mess of uncollected dates, places and battles is given a narrative and thematic spine, an organising thesis that is at once epic and precise… Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon can give us an idea of some of the sources that fired his imagination and the meticulous mechanics of his film-making process…"— The Canberra Times, Australia
"Este homenaje de TASCHEN a uno de los genios menos discutidos del séptimo arte brinda la posibilidad de seguir los pasos hacia la comprensión del personaje de Napoleón, un camino de detalles y minuciosa observación que caracterizó cualquiera de las piezas producidas por el director. Un ensayo de Jean Tulard sobre Napoleón en el cine y una transcripción de entrevistas realizadas en Oxford por Felix Markham, completan la documentación de una de las mejores películas jamás llevadas a la pantalla."— Tendencias de Arte, Madrid, Spain
"Monumental, descabellado y por el resultado final, imposible. Es Napoléon, el proyecto fallido de Stanley Kubrick, del que ahora se pueden conocer todos los detalles en un enorme volumen que incluye cuadernos, anotaciones o fotografías recopiladas por el director de cine durante más de 30 años. Varios kilos de peso para una obra con más de 15.000 imágenes de todos los elementos que Kubrick atesoró con la intención de poner en marcha un faraónico proyecto que hubiera tenido una duración de tres horas, un presupuesto de 5,2 millones de dólares (unos 100 millones actuales) y que iba a ser rodado en Reino Unido, Francia y Rumanía. Todo ello en una nueva edición de Stanley's Kubrick's Napoleon: The Greatest Movie Never Made, una recopilación de todos los documentos de Kubrick relacionados con su proyecto de Napoléon que ya fueron editados por TASCHEN hace dos años en un formato diferente, en diez pequeños libros. Fueron apenas 2.000 ejemplares -a un precio de 450 libras- en aquel momento que se agotaron en sólo unos días, razón que ha llevado ahora a TASCHEN a reeditarlo. En esta ocasión en un único volumen, de 1.100 páginas, con una tirada de 2.000 ejemplares por país y a un precio de 44,99 libras en Reino Unido, 49,99 euros en España y 69 dólares en América."— Agencia EFE, Madrid, Spain
"Das gewaltige Buch Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon – The Greatest Movie Never Made fasst die gesamte Vorproduktion des Regie-Genies auf, inklusive Drehbuch und vielen weiteren spannenden Informationen."—, Berlin, Germany
"So ungewöhnlich und so meisterlich wie der Film mit allergrößter Wahrscheinlichkeit geworden wäre, so ungewöhnlich und meisterlich ist nun auch das Buch, dem das gescheiterte Projekt zugrunde liegt."—, Wetzlar, Germany
"Indeed, there was one Kubrick film that never did get to see the light of day: his homage to one of history’s greatest political and military figures, Napoleon. Dubbed ‘The Greatest Movie Never Made’, Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Napoleon’ would have possessed all the ingredients of a true epic…With the project frozen in 1971, these items were then stuffed in boxes and stored away at Kubrick’s estate for the last two decades of his life. Fans who were curious about the project for all those years were relieved when, in 2005, ‘The Stanley Kubrick Archives’ was published, a text which contained one chapter on the project. Then in 2008, renowned publishers TASCHEN released 10 books relating to the ‘Napoleon’ project including a massive picture file, costume and product information, correspondence and notes by the director, and even the film’s original script. TASCHEN has now combined all 10 books into comprehensive and stunning volume, beautifully bound, and ever-so grand that it probably ought to be holding up your coffee table instead of sitting on it. It’s a very impressive tome that’ll prove a conversation piece in itself, trust us."— Cream Magazine, Australia
"Dem größten Film, der nie gedreht wurde, wird nun in einer ganz neuartigen Publikation des TASCHEN-Verlages gehuldigt, der immer wieder neue Maßstäbe im Verlagsbusiness setzt. … Ein Buch, das von der Gestaltung her tatsächlich eher Assoziationen an eine Bibel, denn an ein bloßes Filmskript weckt. Aber natürlich ist es auch viel mehr als bloß ein Filmskript, denn eigentlich ist Napoleon zehn Bücher in einem. … Dutzende Mitarbeiter und ein Spezialist der Universität Oxford trugen eine beispiellose Sammlung an Recherche- und Vorproduktionsmaterial zusammen."—, Berlin, Germany
"This book chronicles the obsession of one of the world’s greatest film directors with one of the world’s greatest generals…Before the studios made up their minds against him, Kubrick delved into the life of Napoleon in a way unmatched by any other director on any other subject. This enormous book is testament to his passion for verisimilitude, amounting almost to a psychological disorder. This book will appeal to people interested in film in general and Kubrick in particular, but also to Napoleonic scholars and historians of the Empire period, not least because of the transcripts of a series of conversations that Kubrick held with Felix Markham of Oxford University, one of the foremost biographers of Napoleon of his day. The book also features a fascinating essay by the respected Napoleonic scholar Jean Tulard on depictions of Napoleon on film…this film would undoubtedly have been one of the most historically accurate in the history of cinema, proving that such accuracy can be achieved, and shaming the rest of Hollywood for being so slapdash…It is an extraordinary book and a testament to the diligence and expertise of Alison Castle, the editor of The Stanley Kubrick Archives. Covering no fewer than 1112 pages, the book is produced to look like one from Napoleon’s own library, complete with the Imperial coat of arms and golden eagles. TASCHEN can also be congratulated on having produced something that is almost as much a work of art as the non-film itself. Small wonder the original version retailed for £450. At a tenth of that price, this lavishly illustrated book is a must for anyone with bookshelves strong enough to accommodate it…Small wonder the studios baulked at the cost, but, as this book shows, what an epic movie it would have been."— The Literary Review, London, United Kingdom
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Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon. The Greatest Movie Never Made (Jumbo, TASCHEN 25 Edition)

Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon. The Greatest Movie Never Made

M/M (Paris), Alison Castle
Hardcover with keycard, 8.3 x 13.5 in., 1112 pages
$ 69.99

Online currently not available
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Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon
The Greatest Movie Never Made. Kubrick's unfilmed masterpiece. By Alison Castle. September 2009
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