Our selection of the best movies from the years 1990 to 1999

Hey, did you realize you were making history when you went to see The Blair Witch Project, one of the most profitable movies ever made? Do you know what it took to recreate the sinking of the Titanic, what a jump cut is, or who the leading box office stars of the 90s are? These are just a few of the countless things you’ll learn in this new book dedicated to celluloid history of the 90s.

This guide presents our selection of the best movies from the years 1990 to 1999, covering a wide range of genres, budgets, and cultures, and revealing details from behind the scenes. Packed full of photos and film stills, this opulent factbook pays homage to cinema around the world at the end of the 20th century.
The editor:
Jürgen Müller has worked as an art critic, a curator of numerous exhibitions, a visiting professor at various universities, and has published books and numerous articles on cinema and art history. Currently he holds the chair for art history at the University of Dresden, where he lives. Müller is the series editor for TASCHEN’s Movies decade titles.
Best Movies of the 90s (TASCHEN 25 Edition)

Best Movies of the 90s

Jürgen Müller
Hardcover, 6.7 x 8.5 in., 352 pages
$ 14.99

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