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"Stanley Kubrick's never-completed battle epic, Napoleon, re-emerges as an astonishing new book. Ten years after Kubrick's death, TASCHEN's monolithic multi-book gathers together an astonishing archive of the filmmaker's exhaustive preparation to celebrate a masterpiece that never was and open a fascinating window into the mind of a cinema giant."— i-D Magazine, London, United Kingdom
"Every single bit of information pertaining to the project has recently been published in the form of a book called Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon: The Greatest Movie Never Made. It's ten books in one (literally, with nine books sitting inside one enormous carved out fake book), limited to 1,000 copies, and costs $1,000. All the location scouting photos, all the research pictures, costume tests, correspondence with historical experts, Kubrick's script--everything's in there. It's amazing."—, New York, United States
"Ces archives sont un don du ciel pour les cinéphiles: nulle part ailleurs le processus créatif de la réalisation cinématographique et le génie de Stanley Kubrick ne transparaissent avec autant de clarté que dans ce projet de film qui ne vit jamais le jour."—, France
"Jahrelang hatte Regisseur Stanley Kubrick recherchiert, um sein Werk über Napoleon zum großartigsten Historienfilm aller Zeiten zu machen ... Aus Kubrick's Nachlass ist all das Material jetzt als monumentales Buch erschienen. Napoleon-Fans und Re-Enacter müssen also schnell zugreifen."— P.M. History, München, Germany
"Ten books in one. All Kubrick's research for a film all about the French Emperor. The work of a genius smartly compiled."— Men's Health, London, United Kingdom
"Por anos, admiradores puderam ler textos sobre o assunto e até uma versão do roteiro, de 1969 - que se acha numa busca no Google por "Napoleon", "Kubrick" e "script". Mas só agora a maior parte dos documentos se tornou pública, com o lançamento, no fim do ano passado, de uma edição limitada de luxo da TASCHEN, Stanley Kubrick"s Napoleon - The Greatest Movie Never Made."—, Sao Paulo, Brazil
"Stanley Kubricks ehrgeizigster nicht gedrehter Film jetzt als Buch - fast ein Ersatz. ... Wenn man das Lederbändchen an der Seite löst und den Deckel aufklappt, hat man ... den Eindruck, es handele sich eher um eine Schatztruhe. Und so ist es."— Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Frankfurt, Germany
"Einer der berühmtesten nie gedrehten Filme ist Kubricks ‚Napoleon'. Der TASCHEN-Verlag hat ihm mit einer monumentalen Ausgabe ein Denkmal gesetzt."— Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Frankfurt, Germany
"A luxury reference book...At 12 by 15 by five inches, and weighing an impressive 22lb, the gilt-edged tome is quite a whopper. It has a hollowed-out interior, the kind of thing in which Victorian gentlemen used to secrete their pistols."— The Independent, London, United Kingdom
"Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon: The Greatest Movie Never Made is less a book than a collection of ten books stored in a reproduction-Napleonic tome... .It's a staggering assemblage of what anyone (historian or filmmaker) might want to know of Napoleon... At £ 450, and with only a thousand published, this is only headed for librairies or Jack Nicholson's Christmas stocking."— Empire, London, United Kingdom
Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon. The Greatest Movie Never Made

M/M Paris, Alison Castle
Hardcover with 10 smaller books inserted, image database, 11.6 x 14.7 in., 2874 pages
$ 3,000
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Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon
The Greatest Movie Never Made. Kubrick's unfilmed masterpiece. By Alison Castle. September 2009
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