A decade of contrasts

At a time when people were terrified of UFOs and Communism, the movie industry was busy producing movies that ranged from film noir to suspense to grandiose musicals; apparently the paranoid public in the 1950s craved family entertainment and dark, brooding pictures in equal doses. The result is a decade`s worth of truly monumental cinema, from Hitchcock masterpieces (Vertigo, Psycho, Rear Window) to comedy classics (Tati`s Mr. Hulot`s Holiday, Billy Wilder`s Some Like it Hot) to groundbreaking nouvelle vague films (Godard`s Breathless, Truffaut`s The Four Hundred Blows) and profound, innovative dramas such as Antonioni`s L`Avventura, Fellini`s La Strada, John Huston`s Misfits, and Kubrick`s Paths of Glory. Though censorship kept sex safely off-screen, sexy stars such as James Dean, Marlon Brando, and Marilyn Monroe provided plenty of heat in Rebel Without a Cause, A Streetcar Named Desire, and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes respectively. This survey of the most important films of the 1950s covers all the wholesome, subversive, artistic, thrilling, and mysterious trends in cinema worldwide.

A-Z film entries include:
• Synopsis
• Film stills and production photos
• Cast/crew listings
• Box office figures
• Trivia
• Useful information on technical stuff
• Actor and director bios

Plus: a complete Academy Awards list for the decade
The editor:
Jürgen Müller has worked as an art critic, a curator of numerous exhibitions, a visiting professor at various universities, and has published books and numerous articles on cinema and art history. Currently he holds the chair for art history at the University of Dresden, where he lives. Müller is the series editor for TASCHEN’s Movies decade titles.
Movies of the 50s (Midi-Format)

Movies of the 50s

Jürgen Müller
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"It makes for an inspirational reference book, put together with care and consideration."
— Metro, London, United Kingdom
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