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"A precious treasure box in two volumes. The bible of typography."— Domenica - Il Sole 24 Ore, Milano, Italy
"Dieses Buch umwölkt auch ein sakraler Nebel. Es ist wohl auch gleichermaßen so etwas wie die Bibel der Schriftinteressierten. ... Eine Pflichtanschaffung natürlich für Mediengestalter, eine interessante Sache aber auch für jeden, dem Schrift eben nicht nur Schrift ist. Vielleicht lässt man hiernach ja beim Verfassen des nächsten Textes am Rechner die scheinbar unausweichlichen Arial oder Times einfach mal links liegen und greift auf die klassische Bodoni zurück."—, Berlin, Germany
"Der saubere Nachdruck von Bodonis Schriftmusterbuch von 1818, seinem Manuale tipografico, ist ein beeindruckendes und für Schriftliebhaber begeisterndes Werk."— Docma, Lüneburg, Germany
"Haut de casse. Que seraient journaux, entreprises de luxe et campagnes de branding sans Giambattista Bodoni - qui n'est pas qu'une police de caractère. Sans doute, pas grand-chose. Son célébrissime manuel de typographie de 1818 n'intéresse, en effet, pas que les imprimeurs et autres techniciens de l'écriture: il est aussi un manifeste quasi philosophique, démontrant que la clarté de la forme est le reflet de la rectitude et de la raison de propos. Indispensable donc, surtout dans cette très belle réédition de TASCHEN."— Les Echos Série Limitée, Paris, France
"Bis in die Gegenwart gilt die umfassende Schrift als eines der klassischen Meisterstücke der Typografie. Bodoni ging es um die Schönheit und Erhabenheit der Buchstaben, um Harmonie und Regelmäßigkeit ohne überflüssige Schnörkel. Nun liegt sein Manuale als Kilo schwerer Mammutband vor."— Mainzer Rhein-Zeitung, Mainz, Germany
"Type is evidently the stuff of passion... For font fans who wish to delve into diversion-free detail of one man's life represented wholly through type, TASCHEN's reproduction of Giambattista Bodoni's manual of typography, Il Manuale Tipographico, first printed five years after the great type designer's death in 1813, ought to be as compulsive a draw as the family dog was to Eric Gill. Page after page samples many of the Italian master's 298 typefaces. How odd that one can look at the same Latin quote - the opening of Catullus's first oration against Catiline - time and again without going boggle-eyed or wanting to throttle both Catiline and Catullus; such is the beauty of Bodoni's work."— The Guardian, London, United Kingdom
"...for those who prefer the printed page, and have enough room on a sturdy bookshelf, a new edition of Manual of Typography (TASCHEN) is now available, combining Bodoni's two volumes into a single mammoth work... The binding can withstand frequent page-turnings. And although this hefty book is not designed for subway reading, it can take a certain amount of abuse."— New York Times, New York, United States
"Das Buch ist Bodonis bekanntestes Werk: Es stellt Ergebnisse von mehr als vier Jahrzehnten Druckerkunst zusammen und wird heute als eine der größten typografischen Leistungen der Geschichte betrachtet."— Allgemeine Zeitung, Mainz, Germany
"TASCHEN fait avec bonheur le pari d'une magnifique réédition de son manuel, à l'identique, c'est-à-dire d'une impression uniquement en belles pages de caractères, accompagnée d'un très élégant livret, en français cette fois, sous la troisième de couverture. Un régal pour les amateurs."— Le Choc du mois, Paris, France
"Manual of Typography - Manuale Tipografico by Giambattista Bodoni and reprinted by TASCHEN is a very unique book that we've had the joy of glancing over... Manuale Tipografico is enormously large; 279 thick pages in fact... The father and most celebrated type designer Giambattista Bodoni (yes you remember that font Bodoni on Microsoft Word) collated a standard encyclopedia for printing the alphabet with Manuale Tipografico in 1818... For historical purposes and as a library piece this book is a must, it is equivalent to Darwin's 'Origin of Species'. It is truly one of the most monumental culmination of fonts made by man, which is made all the more challenging by the period when it was collated when cultures and languages weren't as tightly fused and borders weren't just a plane trip away. The quantity and depth of the work is outstanding, which not only includes fonts but a wide array of glyphs and formatting elements. This amazing typography encyclopedia is justified by 4 decades of tireless work by Bodoni; this was his career and lifetime achievement. Closeted in the back of Manuale Tipografico is the key to the book, an extended foreword of the reference material edited by Stephan Füssel. I strongly recommend before you even open Manuale Tipografico that you go straight to this booklet as it will explain in English a background of Bodoni's life and the typographical influences of his time. It is then followed by letters from the widow of Bodoni, and Giambattista Bodoni himself reflecting on the typefaces which are just a pleasure to read. It's fascinating to hear Bodoni's widow fathom the importance of Manuale Tipografico... For someone who loves typography this book should be rated a 5..."— Embody 3D, Australia, Australia
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Bodoni. Manual of Typography – Manuale tipografico (1818)

Bodoni. Manual of Typography – Manuale tipografico (1818)

Stephan Füssel
Hardcover, 8.7 x 12.6 in., 1208 pages
$ 69.99

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