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“No one can hold a candle to Alex Steinweiss. With the coffee-table buckling Alex Steinweiss: The Inventor of the Modern Record Cover, TASCHEN gives a hearty high-five to the Columbia Records art director (now 92) who created the concept of cover art in 1940 with Smash Song Hits, a cabaret-jazz LP from Rodgers and Hart. If that weren't enough, Steinweiss - whose swirly lettering and clean, vibrant graphics continue to influence design today - went on to pioneer the folded cardboard record sleeve as we know it. Respect.”— Nylon, London, United Kingdom
“All can be found in this signed, luxuriously appointed art book, which will add some serious class-and cred-to your music collection.”— DETAILS Magazine, New York, United States
“Under the leadership of Kevin Reagan, TASCHEN Books has assembled these incredible covers into a must-have compendium, available in two versions.”— Ritz Magazine, Paris, France
“Hundreds of his sleeves are reproduced in loving detail in the new book Alex Steinweiss: Inventor Of The Modern Album Cover from art publisher TASCHEN.”— Music Week, London, United Kingdom
“This gorgeous, large-scale coffee table book covers his extensive career and includes an original essay, detailed captions and never-before-seen ephemera. We should all know at least a little bit about the guy who created the exciting world of album art we know and love today.”— Zink Magazine, New York, United States
“Steinweiss' album covers, beginning in the '40s and covering three decades? They were back then, they still are: the locus classicus of "cool."”— Memphis Flyer, Memphis, United States
“A wonderful book, and sure to make a great holiday present for the music or album cover aficionado.”— Book Soup, Los Angeles, United States
“Alex Steinweiss is credited with singlehandedly creating the format, design and graphic 'language' of the album cover.”— The Times, London, United Kingdom
“Steinweiss, "the man who made music for the eyes," went on to illustrate thousands of album covers, from Bing Crosby to symphonic works by Rachmaninoff. TASCHEN's 422-page, signed tribute includes not only a selection of these, but other work the young art director did throughout his career, including logos, labels, U.S. Navy posters and his own pieces. Looking through the book's preview on the TASCHEN site, you'll see how wonderfully diverse and stylistic his covers are.”—, New York, United States
“His remarkable eye for design is shown on sleeves ranging from an LP of Churchill's speeches to Music From Mathematics composed on an IBM home computer.”— GQ, London, United Kingdom
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Alex Steinweiss. The Inventor of the Modern Album Cover (Collector's Edition)

Alex Steinweiss. The Inventor of the Modern Album Cover

Alex Steinweiss, Steven Heller, Kevin Reagan
Hardcover in slipcase, 15.6 x 13.0 in., 422 pages
$ 1,000
Multilingual Edition: English, French, German
Availability: In Stock
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Alex Steinweiss. The Inventor of the Modern Album Cover, Art Ed. (Collector's Edition)
Alex Steinweiss. The Inventor of the Modern Album Cover, Art Ed.
Seven-color Silkscreen print, 13 x 13 in., hardcover volume in slipcase, 15.6 x 13 in., 422 pages
$ 1,800