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"Coup de cœur lifestyle. Ce livre est avant tout un inventaire de la jeune création face aux nouvelles exigences de consommation et au besoin impérieux de produire moins d'emballages, de privilégier l'usage multiple, de recourir à des matériaux recyclables et de mettre au point des produits moins gourmands (en eau ou en énergie)."— Maison Magazine, Paris, France
"El libro más sostenible de TASCHEN."— Woman, Barcelona, Spain
"Die Autoren Dalcacio Reis und Julius Wiedemann haben über 100 Produkte zusammengetragen, die innovativ die Umwelt im Blick haben ... Product Design in the Sustainable Era ist ein spannendes Sammelsurium an Produkten und Projekten, von denen man lernen kann, wie man es künftig besser macht."—, Hamburg, Germany
"Das Buch ist eine Fundgrube für Ideen."— Luzerner Nachrichten, Luzern, Switzerland
"This is a no nonsense book. It houses carefully selected images and practical text. Each page brings us super-modern, clean, colourful and practical items, all of which are either currently on the market or are in developmental stages. To further demonstrate their eco-awareness, the publishers had the text written in French and German, as well as English, thus saving on resources and minimising their carbon footprint. ... It makes a nice change to see an eco-design book that efficiently gets to the point. A highly recommendable read."— Artbox Magazine, Bournemouth, United Kingdom
"New book on sustainable product design educates consumers and professionals alike. In order to show avid consumers the sheer range of products in the market, whilst serving primarily as inspiration for other professionals, TASCHEN has launched the book Product Design in the Sustainable Era."— Jungle Drums, London, United Kingdom
"Sustainability is not a passing fashion, and people are constantly searching for more information, products and innovations in this area. Designers, in turn, are responding with elegant, efficient, low-impact products that look towards a sustainable future. This book brings together over 180 such innovative and award-winning projects from over 20 countries, launched by leading design offices and companies worldwide, including IDEO, IBM, and New Deal Design. ... If you ever needed reminding that sustainable design is the future, this book will definitely help to put it into some kind of huge and highly influential context."— Designer, Devon, United Kingdom
"Nå er grønt er alles favorittfarge fastslår bokforlaget TASCHEN i sin presentasjon av Product Design in the Sustainable Era. I boken vises over 180 innovative produkter fra drøyt 20 land som alle er miljøvennlige..."— Design Interiør, Oslo, Norway
"La ricerca sistematica di prodotti innovativi realizzati in tutto il mondo condotta da parte di un product designer. Un volume ordinato per capitoli distinti per ambienti e settori: dall'elettronica all'arredo, dai sistemi per la produzione di energia alle lampade, alle attrezzature per lo sport e il retail. Fil rouge la sostenibilità, non come moda, ma necessità condivisa di rispetto della natura. Una panoramica aggiornata della rivoluzione sostenibile nella progettazione degli oggetti."— Ottagono, Bologna, Italy
"Van doodskisten voor een duurzame begrafenissen tot eco-vriendelijke chocolade. TASCHEN bracht een prachtig boek uit, over wat die bewustwording heeft gedaan met productontwerp wereldwijd."—, Netherlands
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Product Design in the Sustainable Era (Midi-Format)

Product Design in the Sustainable Era

Dalcacio Reis, Julius Wiedemann
Flexicover with flaps, 7.7 x 9.8 in., 440 pages
$ 39.99

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