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"Eine visuelle Erkundungsreise durch die Welt des Grafikdesigns von Mumbai bis Tokio. Die besten und jüngsten Werbekampagnen, Plakate und Kreationen auf den Gebieten Brand Design, Corporate Identitiy, Package Design und Editorial Design."—, Falkenstein, Germany
"Auf den Spuren des Grafikdesigns zwischen Mumbai bis Tokio lautet der offizielle Untertitel. Und so präsentiert der brasilianische Design-Spezialist Wiedemann die besten Werbekampagnen, Poster, Brand-Design-Projekte, Corporate Identities, Verpackungen... kurzum alles, was irgendwie ansprechend gestaltet werden muss. Allerhand Überraschendes, Witziges findet der Leser hier. Und die Bestätigung, dass asiatische Grafiker längst nicht mehr in Europa nach Inspirationen suchen müssen."— In Asien, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
"Asia no para de sorprendernos en cuanto al diseño gráfico se refiere, ya que combina a la perfección la tradición con el futuro dando como resultado una cultura contemporánea estética que plasma en campañas publicitarias, llamativas, posters vibrantes y proyectos de diseño e identidad corporativa únicos, packaging funcional y diseño editorial, entre otros que se pueden admirar en este último capítulo recién salido del horno de Graphics Now! dedicado exclusivamente a Asia, de la editorial TASCHEN."— In Palma, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
"Asian Graphics Now! is an inspirational and important book for any creative student or professional. Featuring recent advertising campaigns, posters, corporate identity, package design, and more!"—, United States
"Tout savoir sur ce courant qui croit avec l'Inde et la Chine, est à la pointe avec le Japon et qui s'invente avec la Corée, Singapour ou la Thaïlande."— Le Figaro, Paris, France
"Published by TASCHEN last October, this hardback tome offers an eclectic visual review of Asian graphic design. Edited by the ubiquitous Julius Wiedemann, the book provides a glassy colourful cross-section of work from the more obviously fashionable Japanese and Chinese scene, but also a contrasting glimpse of how Korea, Thailand, Singapore and India have developed unique styles. The focus on advertising, branding, packaging and poster design ensures that a very typographically rich trend is at the forefront with the eastern fonts notoriously rich when applied to graphics… Hugely eye-catching artwork and those gorgeous presentation values so associated with TASCHEN makes this a must have package..."— Web Designer Magazine, London, United Kingdom
"Asian Graphics Now! präsentiert die besten Werbekampagnen, Plakate und Designkreationen von Indien bis Japan und ist somit das ultimative Handbuch der Kreativität des größten Kontinents der Erde."— Re.flect, Stuttgart, Germany
"The creative advertising and commercial design scene in Asia is as mind-boggling and alien to Westerners as any other cultural chasm out there, as this excellent and inspiring collection attests to… across 400 plus pages, we’re presented with some of the most imaginative and distinct campaign designs and illustrations imaginable, with breakdowns on typographical usage, graphic variants and styles of photography. The accompanying essays are absorbing and explanatory, and help define the sumptuous examples on offer throughout this stimulating release."— Computer Arts Projects Magazine, London, United Kingdom
"Most of us probably didn’t need proof that Asia is crammed with visual cultures of astonishing subtlety, beauty and sophistication – but if we did, Asian Graphics Now! provides it. …it’s a dazzling ride through a frequently awe-inspiring and occasionally disorientating landscape of wildly imaginative graphical output, alongside some more restrained but sill impressive commercial work. … Asian Graphics Now! is published by TASCHEN, famed for books with sumptuous production values, and this one certainly delivers the quality you’d expect visually, both in content and execution."— South China Morning Post, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
"Asian Graphics Now! präsentiert die besten Werbekampagnen, Plakate und Designkreationen von Indien bis Japan und ist somit das ultimative Handbuch der Kreativität des größten Kontinents der Erde."— Re.flect, München, Germany
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Asian Graphics Now! (Midi-Format)

Asian Graphics Now!

Julius Wiedemann
Flexicover with flaps, 7.7 x 9.8 in., 432 pages
$ 39.99

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