Norman Mailer. MoonFire. Lunar Rock Edition No. 1,960 - Reviews

"This is no ordinary coffee-table book. It's one of a new breed of luxury, extremely limited-edition titles in which publishers present pieces of cultural history (sometimes literally, as in the case of the moon rocks), with eye-popping illustrations and new or specially commissioned editorial material. These books marry the obsessions of popular culture with breathtaking photography to create bound works of lasting artistic value."—, United States
"Given that just 70 known lunar meteorites have been discovered on earth and only a tiny fraction of these are in private hands, the few that are for sale, are infinitely rarer than gem-grade diamonds. ... it does come with an invitation to dinner in Los Angeles with Buzz Aldrin and the nice book/coffee table shown below. Pop it in the sky lounge of your superyacht and you'll never be short of a talking point."— Super Yacht World, London, United Kingdom
"Unveiled earlier this year by TASCHEN, it's one of the most peculiar product launches of the year. ... This is a true collector's item as there are only 12 copies released... Amazingly, the item comes with a separately packaged piece of lunar rock and a plexiglass-framed print, signed by moon man Buzz Aldrin."—, Amsterdam, Netherlands
"MoonFire captures the most spectacular photography of the journey from the Earth to the Moon. It also includes the epic Norman Mailer non-fiction story that appeared in Life magazine at the time of the landing. A limited edition version is accompanied by a genuine piece of moon rock. You may never become an astronaut - this is the next best thing."— AQ Magazine, New York, United States
"This 'More Precious than Gold' edition is part literary, part interactive design, part actual moon rock and 100% amazing. The book, Norman Mailer's "Moonfire" is enclosed in a replica of the Apollo 11 lunar module 'whose surface is an actual 3D topography of the Moon made from a single piece of aluminium,' weighing in at nearly 50 lbs. The moonrock itself is individually packaged, but wait, there's more! TASCHEN is also throwing in a 'heady-to-hang, archival-quality, numbered photographic print' of Buzz Aldrin, signed by the moonwalker himself...But you have to hurry. Even though the moonrocks are going for as much as $766,000 (relax, that's the price of the rarest and largest moonrock ever found) they're quickly selling out."—, Park City, United States
"No lo parece, pero es un libro. Limitada a 1969 ejemplares repartidos en dos ediciones, la primera fue un éxito absoluto de ventas, agotándose a los pocos días de su presentación. La segunda que consta de 12 copias valoradas a 60.000€ cada una y numeradas del 1958 al 1969 acaba de ponerse a la venta... En ella destaca la espectacularidad del exterior del volumen, proyecto diseñado por Marc Newson e inspirado en el módulo de paseo de la nave espacial que aterrizó en el suelo lunar. No faltan ni siquiera las patas de la Apolo XI."— Fuera de Serie, Expansión, Madrid, Spain
"Norman Mailer was a man's man, and this 12-piece limited-edition version of 'MoonFire' - which debuted last week at the Miami Basel art fair - is definitely a man's book."—, New York, United States
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