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“Cataloguing the entire works of Newson is no easy feat but leave it to the crew at TASCHEN to make it happen. Marc Newson: Works is a dedicatedly comprehensive guide to all things Newson, covering all of his works to date.”—, United States
“TASCHEN collects design icon Marc Newson's complete works to date in a massive 610-page design bible covering everything from his restaurants to his foray into watches.”—, United States
“We’ll be honest, we’re not entirely au fait with Australian designer Marc Newson, but “does Kath and Kim voice” we like what we see. From a distance, or with a wandering eye it’s hard to ascertain exactly what these objects are but they leave us spinning as we try to work out if they’re ultra modern or mega retro. TASCHEN are printing EVERYTHING in an epic tome cataloguing Newson’s every work to date. That’s a lot of chairs (and planes, cars, watches…).”— Gay Times, London, United Kingdom
“We first heard rumblings of a Marc Newson book to end all Marc Newson books late last year, with word that publication was planned for spring. But by the time April showers brought May flowers, a megatome was nowhere to be found. We busied ourselves with a Pentax K-01 and hoped for the best, because there’s no rushing a 600-page creative retrospective, particularly when it is being produced by TASCHEN in close collaboration with the Sydney-born designer himself. Reader, it won’t be long now.”—, New York, United States
“If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to the works of the world-renowned industrial designer Marc Newson, TASCHEN has a 600-page tome signed by the man himself with your name on it. Hailing from Australia, Newson has designed everything from chairs, restaurants, stores, and cars to planes and even a spaceship and he currently holds the record as the designer of the most expensive piece of furniture ever sold, ringing in at just over $ 2 million.”—, New York, United States
“In just a few days TASCHEN will release their much anticipated retrospective of multi-talented designer, Marc Newson. A true jack of all trades, Newson has designed everything from ‘mass produced objects to limited edition furniture and fashion,’ including chairs, restaurants, boutiques, cars, planes – even a spaceship.”—, New York, United States
“Tracking Marc Newson's rise from student to superstar, TASCHEN's new monograph simply titled Marc Newson. Works promises to be the most complete catalogue of the designer's significant œuvre...Newson, it turns out, is one hell of an experimenter. He touches on virtually every conceivable aspect of the built environment, with materials ranging from riveted aluminum and fiberglass to Carrara marble and thermo-polyurethane. Newson's work bridges fine art and industrial production — just as fit for the Gagosian Gallery as it is for a Nike collaboration.”—, New York, United States
“He’s one of the 20th (and 21st) century’s most prolific product designers and even if you don’t realize it you’ve probably sat on, eaten off, drunk out of or otherwise appreciated this Australian-born’s biomorphic creations. Arthur C. Clarke’s such a fan he said he wished Marc Newson had been on hand to style the 2001: A Space Odyssey sets and now TASCHEN has seen fit to immortalise his entire career to date with a super-slick collectors edition that fans will swoon to get their hands on.”— House and Home, Dublin, Ireland
“From furniture to fashion, shops to spaceships, it’s all here to be pored over and purred important record of a hugely significant design figure.”— It’s Nice That, London, United Kingdom
“TASCHEN’s comprehensive tome meticulously catalogues the designer’s achievements and presents thorough case studies of his particularly significant projects.”— Because London, London, United Kingdom
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Marc Newson. Works (Collector's Edition)

Marc Newson. Works

Alison Castle
Hardcover in slipcase, 13.0 x 17.3 in., 610 pages
$ 1,000
Multilingual Edition: English, French, German
Availability: In Stock
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Marc Newson. Works
Marc Newson on his new book Works., August 2012