In memory of Sans Souci


Our dear friend and mascot, Souci, left us on Sunday July 10. Just a few days short of her 15th birthday, Souci surpassed, by many years, the longevity given to her breed. The inimitable pet of Lauren Taschen, Souci was embraced by Benedikt Taschen and his family upon their marriage (Souci served as flower girl) and the trio soon became inseparable. Possessing a unique personality, Souci, a French Bull Dog, could be coy, indifferent, and playful but always loving. Whatever her mood she endeared herself to everyone with her characteristic snorting, jaunty walk and her ability to somehow ingrain herself to you. As the publisher's muse she became an iconic presence, introducing the videos on TASCHEN's homepage and adorning the pages of TASCHEN's magazine.
She will be sorely missed.

Sans Souci © Walton Ford

clipping 2006 04 gq taschen
Benedikt Taschen with his French bulldog, Souci, on the patio of his Hollywood Hills home. © Martin Schoeller, 2006

souci vision
As the publisher's muse Souci became an iconic presence, introducing the videos on TASCHEN's homepage.
<font size="1">Lauren Taschen and Souci<br /> Photo by Maciek Kobielski</font>
Lauren Taschen and Souci
Photo by Maciek Kobielski

<font size="1">Souci and her bag<br /> Photo by Marco Zivny</font>
Souci and her bag
Photo by Marco Zivny

<font size="1">Souci is everywhere:&nbsp;Pippa Middelton carrying a Souci bag<br /> </font>
Souci is everywhere: Pippa Middelton carrying a Souci bag