Luscious dabs of color and light

Art history's most delightful movement

This 2-volume monograph covers the full scope of Impressionist painting. It outlines the history of Impressionism in France, addressing not only the work of the acknowledged masters, but also that of such unjustly neglected artists as Frédéric Bazille, Gustave Caillebotte, Berthe Morisot or Lucien Pissarro. The second volume examines the Impressionist movements that emerged in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Scandinavia, Eastern and South-East Europe, Italy, Spain, Britain and North America. A 64-page "Directory of Impressionism" is appended, containing bibliographies, portraits and biographical data on all 236 artists.

"Impressionism is not a movement, it is a philosophy of life."
- Max Liebermann
The editor:
Ingo F. Walther (1940–2007) was born in Berlin and studied medieval studies, literature, and art history in Frankfurt am Main and Munich. He published numerous books on the art of the Middle Ages and of the 19th and 20th centuries. Walther’s many titles for TASCHEN include Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Art of the 20th Century, and Codices illustres.
Impressionism (Jumbo)


Ingo F. Walther
Hardcover, 2 vols. in slipcase, 9.4 x 12.4 in., 712 pages
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"Die zweibändige Monographie widmet sich den vielfältigen Facetten der Kunstbewegung. Und präsentiert dabei nicht nur weniger im Mittelpunkt stehende französische Maler sondern sieht auch über die Grenzen bis nach Nordamerika."
— Madame, München, Germany
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