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The painter as poet

Chagall's world full of everyday miracles


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Musicians, roosters and rooftops. Floating lovers, flowers, and a wide-eyed goat. For Belarusian painter Marc Chagall (1887-1985), painting was an intricate tapestry of images, drawn from dreams, tales and traditions. In his evocative canvases, he wove together not only colors and forms, but also his Russian Jewish roots with his present encounters in Paris, markers of faith with gestures of Love, symbols of hope with testimonies of trauma.

This dependable artist introduction explores the many versions of Chagall’s rich vocabulary. Across scenes of birth, Love, marriage and death, from images of the Eiffel Tower to scenes in Chagall’s native Vitebsk, it celebrates a unique aesthetic, as elegant to the eye as it is enticing to the imagination.