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"The spray-can gets invited to the gallery."— The New York Times, New York, United States
"Quando si parla di Street Art non si pensa mai a una vera e propria corrente artistica. Basta però un caso eclatante come quello di Banksy per capire quanto sia diventata importante. Ora la più controversa forma d'arte viene per la prima volta catalogata in un volume edito da TASCHEN, Trespass. Storia dell'arte urbana non ufficiale, che ne spiega sviluppi e differenze."— Max, Milano, Italy
"In recent years street art has grown bolder, wittier, more ornate, more sophisticated, and in many cases more acceptable. However, this unsanctioned and ephemeral form of public art remains the last outlaw of visual disciplines. Packed with key works by 150 artists, from the legendary Banksy to Spencer Tunick and the Billboard Liberation Front, and featuring dozens of unpublished photographs, Trespass is the ideal gift for an edgy art lover. Just don't try it at home!..."— Living North Magazine, Yorkshire, United Kingdom
"A new book, Trespass: A History of Uncommissioned Urban Art by Carlo McCormick and Mark and Sarah Schiller explores some of the best examples of urban art around the world to date, from installations to graffiti and performance art. What all the pieces have in common is that none was commissioned. Indeed most are photographed very soon after completion since their creators have no idea how long they will survive. Some last hours, others days or weeks before they are removed or painted over by other artists. Some still exist, untouched by others or even protected by the authorities. The book opens with a quote attributed to Queen Mary which alludes to the title: 'There's only one thing I never did and wish I had done: climbed over a fence.' The artists featured have climbed over hundreds of fences. They have evaded authorities and been chased by police. They have hidden in bushes and risked prosecution. Yet their motives are not financial, even when, as in Banksy's case, their work is of considerable value... In Trespass, artists go far beyond the definitions of graffiti as we understand them. They cover entire walls with enormous murals which span several storeys. They fire arrows into the fabrics of buildings. They sabotage signs and put stickers on street furniture. One photographer, Chad Nicholson, enlists several pairs of identically-dressed twins to sit opposite each other on a subway carriage, creating a perfect mirror image..."— The Scotsman Magazine, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
“An incredible collection of works from some of the world’s best photographers and features over 150 artists.”— 120zProphet, London, United Kingdom
"Raus auf die Straße und Augen auf: Street Art ist überall. Nichts entdeckt? Wie der öffentliche Raum zur Galerie der Überraschungen wird, zeigt der Bildband Trespass. Die Geschichte der urbanen Kunst."— Augsburger Allgemeine, Augsburg, Germany
"L'art de la rue gagne ses lettres de noblesse... Véritable bible pour tous les amateurs de contre-culture, cet ouvrage richement illustré ne s'arrête pas aux graffitis. Il recense près de 300 actions artistiques 'performées' dans l'espace public."— Direct Matin Plus, Paris, France
"Art de gangsters... l'ouvrage répertorie les coups fumeux les plus spectaculaires mais aussi les plus illicites qui jalonnent l'histoire de l'art urbain. Une virée avec des cowboys et des gangsters qui n'ont jamais eu peur de refaire le portrait de paysages trop sinistres à leur goût."— Télé Moustique, Bruxelles, Belgium
"Ce magnifique ouvrage se penche sur l'émergence et le développement mondial de l'art urbain et du graffiti, évoquant les figures, développements et tendances clefs de l'expression individuelle au sein de l'espace public. Il comprend des œuvres majeures de 150 artistes contestataires et visionnaires, et présente des photographies d'œuvres légendaires de créations de la rue."— CultZine, Anglet, France
"...ces pages nous entraînent à la découverte d'interventions sauvages d'artistes dans l'espace. Les graffeurs sont évidemment en bonne place, avec Banksy ou Jean-Michel Basquiat, qui signait 'SAMO', ou encore Miss. Tic, Keith Haring... Mais l'ouvrage fait plus largement place aux micro interventions urbaines qui changent la perception de la ville."— Le Journal des arts, Paris, France
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Trespass. A History of Uncommissioned Urban Art

Trespass. A History of Uncommissioned Urban Art

Carlo McCormick, Marc & Sara Schiller, Ethel Seno
Hardcover, 9.3 x 12.6 in., 320 pages
$ 39.99
Edition: English
Availability: In Stock
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A History of Uncommissioned Urban Art. September 2010