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“In every way an indispensible contribution to research… brilliant foldouts provide large views, while individual enlargements grant fascinating insight into the detail.”— Kunstchronik, Munich, Germany
"Gustav Klimt is perhaps best known for his use of gold leaf in intricate paintings. His life’s work is still celebrated today for the beauty, sense of sorrow and passion that he was able to capture in a single portrait. It has been 150 years since Klimt’s birth and the launch of his complete works reveals his ideas and creative genius in one impressive volume."— The Mayfair Magazine, London, United States
“Guaranteed to work up a fervour.”— Harpers Bazaar, London, United Kingdom
“An art piece in its own right. Each page is a gem of colour, print and texture.”— A Little Bird, London, United Kingdom
“Natter’s catalogue raisonné is a great achievement and is sure to please in many different levels. From start to finish it is a delight to read with its lively variety of tone, elegance of expression, diverting hints of wry humour, and recurring evidence of an author in command of an enormous wealth of Viennese cultural and social history. Supplementing the sequence of individual entries, there are some exceptionally clear and informative introductions to groups or pairs of interrelated works. Especially engaging are the biographies of the female subjects of Klimt’s portraits, material that Natter first began to gather when preparing the celebrated Viennese exhibition of 2000 on ‘Klimt’s women’ and further explored during his subsequent research into Klimt’s patrons. Outstanding in this respect are Natter’s accounts of the lives of Sonja Knips, Rose con Rosthorn-Friedmann, Gertrud Loew, Adele Bloch Bauer, and Elisabeth Lederer. The most valuable of the essays in this volume, is the account of Klimt as a draughtsman by Marian Bissanz-Prakken. Even for those familiar with this scholar’s long record of innovative research, deep thought and gift for clear and persuasive argument, this text offers something new: a survey of the drawings (in twelve segments, each with its own group of images) organised entirely thematically. Under succinct but resonant headings, examples in all media and from across the entire chronological span of Klimt’s output are marshalled up as to reveal the rich seam of continuity underlying the sparkle of invention.”— Burlington Magazine, London, United Kingdom
Gustav Klimt: The Complete Paintings by Tobias G. Natter, an internationally acknowledged expert on Viennese art at the turn of the century, is less a book than a work of art in itself. Starting with its very appearance, with a jewel-like, gold embossed cover, the magnificent, fine quality reproductions on thick, heavy paper to the luxurious book-mark in soft beige satin, it is a labour of love far surpassing, in size and weight as well as quality, anything that has come before. A great deal of thought, time, and energy as well as a passion for the work of Klimt (1862 – 1918), an extraordinary creative genius, has gone into the making of this superlative work, published last year on the 150th anniversary of the artist’s birth...To emphasise the beauty and splendour of the work, Natter has included large-sized fold-outs of details of them measuring 40 cm by 114 cm, friezes which on the walls of the Secession Building in Vienna, are 24 meters long in their original form and are inlaid with precious stones and mother-of-pearl. But it is less the size which astounds as, again, the quality of the reproduction. The work is an interpretation of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, and at the inauguration there was a performance of the 'Ode to Joy,' conducted by Mahler himself, which echoed Klimt’s illustration of a choir of girls singing in a magical, rose-strewn garden...Colours burst forth from the pages of the book so stunning are Tobias Natter’s reproductions of Klimt’s flowers, trees and landscapes; pages and pages of vivid, iridescent oranges, reds, purples, and blue, each page more breath-taking than the next, with the written page often accompanied by postcards or by numerous photographs of Klimt himself, usually sporting a long caftan while strolling round the gardens of villas. There are also impressive full page illustrations of him with friends on the banks of the Attersee and snapshots of him in gallant company in a horse and carriage as well as pictures of his holiday home, all of which contribute to the atmosphere of the times....Weighing in at 7 kilos and I00 grams, this is no coffee table book, nor one for your bedside table. Moreover, at 40 cm by 30 cm it fits onto no shelf! The ultimate reference book, containing a complete catalogue of all Klimt’s known works, as well as two months reading matter; it might at first glance be considered as book for specialists, which is far from the truth. At 200 dollars, it might also seem out of price range, but I can think of no better way to spend one’s money. It is a wonderful book, to buy for oneself, or to offer, not only to those who love the work of Klimt, but to all those who love art. Such an occasion rarely comes twice.”—, San Diego, United States
“…A sensory vitamin pill.”— Allure Magazine, New York, United States
“The arresting imagery in this comprehensive tome attests, Klimt’s liberated vision of modern beauty and femininity lives on.”— SunStar, Philippines, Philippines
”Et vidunderligt værk om det østrigske geni der skabte Klimt-kvinden: æterisk, sofistikeret, forførenden, dekadent. Det mest utrolige er bogens farvegengivelser og folde-ud-formater. Klimts mest berømte mosaikfriser kan både nydes i flere meters længde og i ultranær, og gengivelser er intet mindre end perfekte. Det forekommer ikke sandsynligt, at der kan fremstilles en bog om Gustav Klimt, som overgår denne. Hånden på hjertet: jeg har lyst til at hoppe i kjortlen, klippe indholdet af denne bog ud i små delikate bidder og plastre en hel stue til med guld- og juvelglimtende klimterier. Tak, TASCHEN!”— Politiken, Copenhagen, Denmark
"This is the year of Klimt, as the artist posthumously celebrated his 150th birthday, and what better way to mark the occasion than with the definitive collection of his sensuous gilded paintings, and re-prints of all the artist’s known letter correspondence."—, United States
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Gustav Klimt. Complete Paintings (XL-Format)

Gustav Klimt. Complete Paintings

Tobias G. Natter
Hardcover with fold-outs, 11.4 x 15.6 in., 676 pages
$ 200
Edition: English
Availability: 05/2015
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